From a recent survey of the Italian agri-food sector, published by Coldiretti, the extraordinary records of Made in Italy have emerged. Italian agriculture is the greenest in Europe, with over 60 thousand organic farms and 40 thousand farms committed to guaranteeing a biodiversity heritage that is unmatched in the world. The supply chain from the fields to the shelves to restaurants reaches a figure of 538 billion euros. Longevity has also been achieved thanks to a diet based on bread, pasta, fruit, vegetables and extra virgin olive oil.

The Greatest Wealth Of Our Country

The information campaign #MangiaItaliano promoted by Coldiretti throughout Italy has started in these days. An initiative desired by the Association to disclose the data resulting from the recent survey of the national agri-food sector. The numbers are significant and speak for themselves. The entire supply chain, from fields, to shelves, to catering represents 25% of the GDP, equal to 585 billion euros and offers work to 3.8 million people. Italian agriculture is the greenest in Europe with 297 PDO / PGI specialties recognized at Community level, 415 DOC / DOCG wines and 5.155 traditional regional products surveyed along the Italian boot. It boasts a leadership position in the organic sector with over 60 thousand organic farms, and 40 thousand farms committed to protecting seeds or plants at risk of extinction. It offers an unparalleled guarantee on the world food security, with the lowest number of agri-food products with irregular chemical residues (0.8%) against 1.3% of the EU average or 5.5% of non-EU products.

These are notable records that add to longevity record thanks to the Mediterranean diet which represents an important role for health. A food style based on bread, pasta, fruit, vegetables, meat and extra virgin olive oil, recognized in 2010 with the inclusion of the Mediterranean diet on the list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO. In addition to the disclosure of data in the main media, the #MangiaItaliano campaign was also the protagonist of an event that last weekend involved farmhouses and farmers’ markets in “Campagna Amica” Foundation in all Italian regions. The public appreciated the offer of zero kilometer products and tasted the recipes of the local tradition freshly prepared by the peasant chefs.