Senatore Cappelli durum wheat is the protagonist of the new TV commercial of Le Stagioni d’Italia, broadcast on all local broadcasting stations. The success of the Bonifiche Ferraresi brand is an example of the successful strategic choices that characterise the entire BF SpA Group. A policy focused on Made in Italy that has achieved excellent results also in 2020, despite the health emergency.

From the Seed to the Table

Le Stagioni d’Italia, the prestigious BF SpA Group brand, is back on TV with one of the products most appreciated by consumers: Senatore Cappelli durum wheat pasta. A TV commercial that describes the goodness of an ancient grain, the king of durum wheat cultivated in Italy, which gives the pasta a unique and distinct taste. It is the result of a meticulously controlled supply chain, from the seed to the table, fruit of the knowledge and passion of those who know the value of great Italian agriculture. High quality, sustainability and traceability are the values that the TV commercial transforms into images with inviting plates of pasta and extensive cultivated fields.

We cultivate goodness” is the new statement that accompanies the new packaging, which not only refers to the taste, but also to its excellent organoleptic and nutritional properties, as well as its increased digestibility compared to other conventional pastas. According to a recent study by Policlinico Gemelli in Roma, the 100% durum wheat pasta by Senatore Cappelli is easily tolerated even by gluten-sensitive people. The TV campaign, which is planned on the main general-interest broadcasting stations will run until the 1st May.


The BF SpA Group agro-industrial platform is increasingly vital and consolidated. This is the encouraging result that comes to light from the Board of Directors’ report during the approval of the 2020 budget. It was a difficult year for all, but Covid-19 did not succeed in stopping the Group’s operations, which completed all the initiatives scheduled in the 2018-2020 business plan.  The situation required strong commitment and motivation from the entire organisation. Complex safety measures were adopted in order to guarantee full compliance with the health protocols to protect the health of employees. 

The efforts have paid off. The productivity of the production chains have neither stopped nor diminished, thereby showing great adaptability. BF Group’s management was focused on the ability to generate wealth rather than growth in sales volumes. An achievement thanks to a strategic and market repositioning policy aimed at enhancing the efficiency of individual business sectors of the agro-industrial platform. Bonifiche Ferraresi‘s decision to transfer the company branch, with regard to the operational management of the agricultural estates, to the new company, B.F. Agricola srl – Società Agricola, also fits into this context. The Board of Directors is delighted for having succeeded in strengthening the solidity index and for having demonstrated the ability for growth despite the period of global emergency.