What is preventive maintenance? What kind of maintenance does Ocrim’s experts recommend to ensure efficient management of machinery and to improve production? Take part in our next webinar scheduled on Wednesday 10 November to receive valuable advice on preventive maintenance from Simone Pedrini, Manager of our Machinery Department. Sign up now!

Proper maintenance of milling plants is essential to ensure the qualitative and quantitative efficiency of production. Maintenance operations can vary in nature and purpose: they can be autonomous, corrective and predictive, or be carried out in the interest of making improvements.  However, increasing the efficiency of machinery and reducing running costs at a plant depends largely on preventive maintenance.

Specifically, preventive maintenance involves all those activities carried out to fully understand the operation of a system and thereby act preventively and slow down the normal qualitative and quantitative deterioration of the machinery and, therefore, of production. It therefore includes activities which, if carried out on a regular basis or in accordance with the criteria in the maintenance schedules, can reduce the likelihood of failures or malfunctions, optimising production.

The goal is primarily to extend the life cycle of assets, improve the allocation of resources, limit downtime, and reduce costly and unwanted corrective maintenance.

This type of maintenance includes, among other things, cleaning, lubricating and replacing components of the plant or assets, greasing bearings and mechanical parts, or adjusting drive belts. The next Maintenance & Automation webinar covers these issues and is for training technicians and maintenance experts who work daily at Ocrim’s plants.  The greasing and adjustment of belts are key themes of the next “Ocrim Tips – Greasing & Belts Adjustment” event, covered by Simone Pedrini, the Manager of our Machinery Department.

Take part in the webinar to receive advice on correct maintenance of Ocrim’s machinery, directly from the designer. The event, presented as usual by the mechanical engineer Nicola Riboldi, will be held in Italian with simultaneous translation into English, French and Spanish. It is intended for owners of milling plants, millers, technicians and maintenance workers.

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WED.  10 NOVEMBER 2021 – at 10:00 AM (UTC+2) – ITA, EN – Click here to register

WED.  10 NOVEMBER 2021 – at 04:00 PM (UTC+2) – ITA, EN, FR, SP – Click here to register