Ipack-ima 3. There is a lot of buzz around the innovations presented by OCRIM and PAGLIERANI. Customers queuing up to try the “immersive reality” experience, visitors crowding around the RMI-S roller mill and the new packaging machine – questions, comments and technical explanations are fired away at high speed. Once more, Italian Made innovation and technology successfully deliver the results of long research and development 4.0 work. Live streaming from 3pm: http://www.ocrim.com/site/stream.html

Innovation has no boundaries, it is a continuously evolving process that requires the ability to respond to the market, constant commitment, experimentation and investments.  The activity of OCRIM’s Research&Development Department pivots around these hinges, to continue being a landmark in the milling sector in terms of quality and expertise. The ability to design ever new and high-performance solutions stems from exchanges with customers, the analysis of data, specific needs and constructive cooperation with major Italian universities. It is only thanks to the business 4.0 outlook that the Research&Development Department has been able to anticipate the demands of the market and develop cutting-edge projects that are considered unique. The “immersive virtual reality” system and the new RMI-S roller mill are noteworthy among the most recent ones. The former has been awarded as best” Product Showcase” of 2018 at the IAOM USA exhibition (see post http://www.ai-lati.eu/2018/04/23/pride-and-satisfaction-at-iaom-usa/). It is a special helmet that supports a 3D experience of interacting with the RMI-S roller mill without being physically on site. The RMI-S roller mill is one of the most innovative machines, constructed with new technologies intended to increase food safety. The Research&Development Department has designed it using high quality materials, selected to assure ever greater sanitisation for the purpose of certified compatibility of parts in contact with food.  PAGLIERANI also devotes many resources to research and the design of solutions that are ever more specialised and technologically advanced. The automatic packaging machine, set up next to the RMI-S roller mill and presented by the humanoid NAO, is suitable for grains, fertilisers, salt and granulates in general and features a main control unit, a bag storage unit, an 8-station carousel, one seam and one glue sealing unit.

Customers’ Opinions

Speaking of being attentive to the market, how can we not take advantage of the many customers that have visited the OCRIM and PAGLIERANI booth, to ask for their opinion as well? Mr. Chris Lemoine, Vice President of Production Operations of North Dakota Mill, underlines that: “Unlike other companies, OCRIM does not merely supply machinery for milling plant, but also listens to customers’ problems and seeks solutions”. And the Research&Development Department kicks into action exactly when customers come up with specific issues – a single problem often leads to a solution that many other customers stand to benefit from.  But these two companies are not “special” only because of their drive towards innovation. Ms. Aileen Ongkauko, Managing Director of Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation, says: “Today I spoke to both Sergio and Alberto Antolini. When they talk about their culture and their goals they are really enthusiastic. They are very amiable and focused on the customer. They give their all to satisfy customers.”  A company 4.0 is all that as well.

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