Sadat City, Egypt – On 30th May the “El Khattab Company For Mills” mill (capacity of 350T/24H) was successfully tested by OCRIM. El Khattab Company For Mills is one of the most important Egyptian companies, with a grinding capacity of 1.600-2.000 tons of wheat per day. The OCRIM team took care of the design and supply of the cleaning and grinding section, offering technological solutions able to guarantee the high performances requested by the customer.

Egypt has a long tradition in cereal processing, the first rudimentary techniques date back to the middle of the 2nd millennium BC. and, probably, it was the ancient Egyptians who developed the baking art, as evidenced by the paintings of that time. Today it is one of the most advanced and demanding markets in the milling field, which requires very innovative solutions. OCRIM technology and design skills are among the characteristics most appreciated by the Egyptian entrepreneurs of the sector and, thanks to these qualities, OCRIM has gained a prominent position throughout the country. In the last 25 years, it has supplied plants with different grinding capacities, both for governmental and private companies, designed for the production of the best flours, as requested by the Egyptian milling market. It was January 21, 2016 when the contract between OCRIM and the company El Khattab Company For Mills was signed, one of the largest Egyptian milling companies which, through various plants, grinds up to 1,600-2,000 tons of wheat daily. The plant that required the intervention of OCRIM is a mill that processes 350 T/24H of hard and semi-hard wheat for which OCRIM has supplied the entire cleaning and grinding section. Testing took place successfully on May 30th, allowing the business to be started on time by the end of June, as promised over two years ago.


A Plant With High Performance

El Khattab Company For Mills has commissioned to OCRIM a project that reflects precise specifications to achieve a high quality standard of the final product. The installed plant includes, for the cleaning section, the high efficiency scourer type SHE, a machine of the latest generation that, compared to the common scourers present into the market, allows to complete the superficial cleaning and to reduce the increase of bacteriological contamination, generated during the conditioning phase. It also facilitates the separation of the cortical fraction, reducing the ash content of incoming wheat. Among the innovative machines of the grinding section, on the other hand, were included the RMI roller mills, the SDI purifier machines and the double deck roller mills RMI/Q. The latter have an exclusive feature consisting of a centrifugal sifting unit (Ocrim patent), placed between the roll assemblies, which allows to optimize the product load on the lower grinding rolls. The superior performance of this plant concerns the extraction phase and the ash and moisture content using the same wheat, both hard and semi-hard.