Jolanda di Savoia (Ferrara, Italy) – At one of the Bonifiche Ferraresi estate, work started for the construction of a stone milling plant for cereals, such as wheat and spelt. With this project Bonifiche Ferraresi will oversee the entire production chain of cereals: from seeding to the production of high-quality special flours, until their marketing under the “Le Stagioni d’Italia” brand.

Quality First Of All

Bonifiche Ferraresi, the largest Italian agricultural and agri-food company, adds another piece to its strategy of developing a production model recognized throughout Europe and based on three pillars: excellence, innovation and sustainability. In addition to the cultivation of raw materials and the recent launch of the “Le Stagioni d’Italia” brand, Bonifiche Ferraresi will soon produce high-quality flours thanks a new milling plant. The new milling plant, designed by Ocrim, is now under construction. With this investment, the Company completes the supply chain process that begins with the seeding of selected types of particular and ancient wheats, appreciated by consumers. The choice of the milling plant has been carefully evaluated to obtain a final product with the best requirements of genuineness and healthiness. The cleaning and selection steps of the raw material take place with the aid of cutting-edge technology that allows only “good grains” to be obtained, discarding those of second choice or with color defects. The milling process, instead, takes place with the latest generation Ocrim stone mill, the Biostonemill, to maintain unchanged all the nutritional properties of the wheat. It’s a machine designed and built by recovering the ancient tradition of stone milling applied to the industrial concepts of modern milling technology. Biostonemill is Ocrim careful and timely response to the final consumer’s demand for ever healthier and more genuine flours. Through this process it’s possible to obtain, in alternative, three flours: type 1, type 2 and whole flour. Thanks to this technique, the cereals are milled as in the past, obtaining products rich in flavor and high in fiber, minerals and vitamins. The flours produced, branded with the “Le Stagioni d’Italia” brand, will be marketed through the channels of large-scale distribution.