Great turnout at recent exhibitions in which Ocrim participated. In Jakarta and Dubai, the interest was concentrated on the latest technological innovations, particularly in Indonesia where Oscar Hidalgo, Ocrim area manager, illustrated the results obtained on the use of titanium rolls for fluted passages, during his presentation at the conference organized by IAOM. The last exhibition of the year in Mexico is currently underway.

The exhibitions series of this year, which sees Ocrim as an exhibitor, is drawing to close. It can already be announced that also 2019 has been confirmed as a successful year regarding trade fairs and congresses worldwide. Many customers and visitors have been able to learn about the latest technological and commercial innovations during the various trade fair and conference contexts which for us represent an important vehicle for presenting the company and for profitable cultural and professional exchanges. Recently we took part in three major trade fairs in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. From 6 to 8 October at the tenth edition of the IAOM Annual Southeast Asia Region Conference & Expo, held in Jakarta (Indonesia), in addition to being exhibitors, we attended the conference as speakers. Our area manager, Oscar Hidalgo, as Ocrim spokesman, illustrated the results of one of the latest Ocrim innovations: the use of titanium-coated rolls for fluted passages. A solution studied and designed to optimize and enhance the mill’s operation, linked to the performance of the roller mills, to optimize both time and maintenance costs. Always focusing on grinding rolls, one of the recent projects of our R&D department will be launched shortly, already anticipated during the last edition of Ipack-ima processing & packaging: a new innovative device that allows the precise estimate of the wear of the roll to improve the performance characteristics of the grinding, preventing possible drops in production.

This tool was initially designed to validate the benefit of titanium rolls, for a decisive and careful evaluation at of the convenience and efficiency of the titanium coating and was subsequently refined and completed for a continuous and daily use aimed at checking the status of each fluted roll. Continuing the exhibition series, our colleagues went in the Middle East, specifically in Dubai, at the GULFOOD MANUFACTURING exhibition (29-31 October) and the 30th annual IAOM Middle East & Africa Conference & Expo (3-6 November), making their skills available to support the curious visitors and to discuss constructively with other companies. The next and last stop of the year will be in Mexico: from 10 to 14 November, in fact, you will find us at the XXXVII ASAMBLEA ALIM at booth 9. Don’t miss it!