These days the monument/symbol of our city lights up of the colours of the Italian flag, moving the hearts of all citizens. The medieval tallest brick bell tower in Europe has become a messenger of hope and its voice joins of the main monuments of the world who have worn the colours of the Italian flag for supporting Italy. Ocrim was founded at a difficult time in history, like the one we are living through. The date was 25 March 1945, just after World War II. Together with its city, Ocrim was able to find the energy and motivation to become the business it is today. Let’s celebrate this birthday with the same “rebirth” spirit of that time. Best wishes to Ocrim. Best wishes to Cremona. Best wishes to Italy.

A Solidarity Message That Spreads Around The World

The night is dark but that medieval tower illuminated with the Italian flag colour is like a lighthouse that guides sailors to a safe harbour. The Covid-19 makes us feel like a vessel agitated by the storm, but when a light appears on the horizon, the hearts are heartened. The Torrazzo is the symbol of Cremona, a bell tower which, located near the Cathedral, dominates the city from a height of 112.54 meters. It is the tallest brick tower in Europe and, in these days, from up there it sends to all citizens the green-white-red encouragement message from the municipality and the diocese.

A voice to which other famous monuments of the world join, who have worn the Italian flag colours for supporting our Nation. This difficult moment recalls the immediate post-war period when Ocrim was born. It was March 25, 1945, 75 years ago. Understandably, this year we did not think it appropriate to celebrate. We are focusing on new projects that will give further life to your business and we will propose them to you with the same energy and the same spirit of “rebirth” of that time.

And to thank our bright Torrazzo we join the tribute that Mr. Herman Hesse (1877-1962), the Nobel Prize winner in literature in 1946, dedicated to him in the booklet “Evening in Cremona”: “I went out, looked, overwhelmed with amazement and with one stunned look I embraced the Piazza del Duomo (Cathedral Square) which opened in front of me; an incredibly beautiful and bold architectural framework. (…) a little distant, superb and terrible, a sky-high bell tower darted, unspeakably high, which lost its upper edge in the night, the small gray column tunnels. I stopped in the rain that continued to fall and drank that wonderful vision, happy and at the same time shocked by the magnificence and the almost brazen boldness of that architecture … Natural was everything in that fabulous square (..) “.

The Contribution Of Each Of Us

There’s a way to support all those who are on the front lines and who are making a great effort to overcome this difficult moment: to respect the government ordinances, because keeping our distance today will allow us to soon become a united community that shares relationships, affections and work; a community that will rediscover the pleasure of being together and exchanging hugs. A simple gesture that from tomorrow will take on a deeper meaning. Together with major brands, we have reimagined our logo to encourage people to practice social distancing measures and not to give up.