A large delegation of 11 Israeli companies, leaders in the Agri-tech sector, was received by Bonifiche Ferraresi at the Jolanda di Savoia estate. Purpose of the visit was to know the organization of the BF group and, in particular, the services of IBF Servizi relative to precision farming to evaluate a possible partnership. IBF Servizi represents a unique technological hub of its kind, at an international level, for its high agronomic, technological and scientific skills.

Meeting Between Excellences

It was a constructive visit for both sides. The representatives of the Israeli Agri-tech sector, considered among the best in the world for innovation, competence and technological level, met the experts of IBF Servizi, the Italian company recognized as the only international reference point for the know-how gained in the supply of precision agriculture services. The meeting took place at the Bonifiche Ferraresi estate in Jolanda di Savoia. Jonathan Hadar – plenipotentiary for Italy of the Israeli Ministry of Economy – led the delegation of 11 Israeli companies with the aim of “creating concrete opportunities for collaboration on the issue of agriculture and technological innovation in this sector. Israeli startups see the excellence of Italian agri-food as an important interlocutor with whom to start increasingly sustainable production processes thanks to the use of IoT solutions, intelligent sensors and drones”.

One-to-one meeting tables have been organized to encourage an exchange of information and specifically illustrate all the services that IBF Servizi, thanks to an already operational platform, has tested for the improvement of the competitiveness of Italian agriculture, the increase in quality, the reduction of costs and the sustainability of environmental impacts. To date, IBF Servizi has provided services for a total of over 73,000 hectares in Italy, becoming a unique HUB of its kind for its ability to combine high agronomic, technological and scientific skills in a single company.

It was born in October 2017 from the partnership between ISMEA, a public economic body, and Bonifiche Ferraresi, the largest Italian farm for agricultural land. In 2018 two big technology companies join the company as e-GEOS (a company between Telespazio and Italian Space Agency), an international leader in the Earth Observation and Geo-Spatial Information sector, and A2A Smart City (A2A Group company), leader in the field of proximal sensing and in the development of narrowband networks.

It has been three years of intense work and experimentation that have already produced many successes, as stated by Federico VecchioniBF Spa CEO: “The results are proving us right and today’s appointment is a proof of this. 11 of the best Israeli companies, recognized by all as world leaders in Agri-tech, are here to learn about our organization and verify the possibility of partnerships for projects abroad. Jolanda di Savoia has become, as we have always said, one of the most important centers at a global level for the fundamental knowledge for both technological and agronomic development, thus contributing to spreading precision agriculture more and more in Italy and in the world. We are all proud of it and, convinced of our plan, we will continue decisively to achieve our future goals “.

In the picture: Francesco Pugliese (Director of R&D dept. at Bonifiche Ferraresi), Jonathan Hadar (Director of Economic and Commercial Affairs of the Foreign Trade Administration of the Ministry of Economy of Israel).