Five special hospital beds are already in use in the pulmonology departments of the Cremona and Crema hospitals, purchased by the Arco Onlus Association thanks to Ocrim donation. They are hospital beds for prono-supination, an important health equipment to promote patients’ recovery suffering from severe respiratory distress. Alberto Antolini – Ocrim CEO – expressed his deep satisfaction for the concrete help offered to healthcare networks and the grateful support for the invaluable work of doctors, nurses and operators.

Fundamental The Work Of The Arco Onlus Association

The management of funds and donations received to deal with the Covid-19 emergency is proceeding at a fast pace. Only a few weeks have passed since Ocrim made the sum of € 100,000 available and five hospital beds for prono-supination have already been purchased and delivered to the pulmonology departments of the Cremona and Crema hospitals. They are very expensive beds that facilitate the mobilization of patients suffering from respiratory distress, improving oxygenation and promoting the drainage of secretions. Respiratory syndrome is one of the most serious symptoms of Covid-19 and it is important for the pulmonology and intensive care units to have this equipment. As Marina Zanotti, the President of the Christmas Grand Gala and manager of the Arco Onlus Fundraiser explains “These are very special beds that facilitate the treatment of patients with severe respiratory distress. They are in fact real therapeutic tools that favor the patient’s recovery in shorter times. They facilitate the work of health workers, promote patient comfort and limit the risk of bedsores to a minimum. A latest generation instrumentation that will be useful to everyone.”

In this emergency, the Arco Onlus Association is working hard with great dedication and professionalism. The accurate monitoring of the most urgent needs of healthcare networks is fundamental; it is an activity that allows not to waste resources and to allocate them promptly to the neediest departments. “I wish to thank Ocrim – said Matteo Tedoldi, Chairman of Arco Onlus – which responded to our appeal and made a very substantial donation that allowed us to donate these very sophisticated beds, not only in Cremona but also in Crema. Covid-19 has hit our area very badly, and it has reacted with tangible, extreme generosity and this is an example.” A satisfaction fully shared by Alberto Antolini – Ocrim CEO – who said: “We are proud of what we have been able to accomplish together. In an emergency like this, the least we could do was support our healthcare system and the incredible work carried out by our doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals”.