“Mama Sofia” is the charitable association, born in Congo, with the aim of taking care of single mothers and street children who live as marginalized in unsustainable conditions. The president, Zakia Seddiki Attanasio, wife of the Italian ambassador Luca Attanasio, was invited and welcomed to our headquarters. Alberto Antolini expressed his deep appreciation for this difficult humanitarian mission, offering a concrete contribution and his own personal willingness to carry out new projects.

It is really true that there are encounters that create human value and warm the cockles of your heart. This is one of those. On 27 April we had the pleasure of meeting and hosting Zakia Seddiki Attanasio, founder and president of the “Mama Sofia” charitable association. “Mama Sofia”, born first in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo) and then recently established in Italy, aims to improve the lives of single mothers and street children in difficulty. Talking to Zakia, wife of Luca Attanasio, – the Italian ambassador to the Democratic Republic of Congo, killed a year ago in UN convoy attack, and honorary president of the association – about her experience in Congo opens your eyes to a situation that seems paradoxically impossible to you: seeing three-year-old children, for example, living on the street left to their own devices. Despite the great heartache, Zakia is determined to carry on as founder and president the various initiatives promoted by “Mama Sofia” to protect the children who live in these realities. Not only that, she continues to follow the path undertaken by Luca: joining the forces of the institutions with the third sector and Italian companies to create concrete projects. Ocrim today supports “Mama Sofia” with a donation and is available for future projects.