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Our customers comes from all over the world: physically we are thousands of kilometers away, but in the end we are never really distant. That’s because distance does not depend on space, it is actually some people suitability in being detached. This aspect does not belong to us since it is not part of our deepest nature. For us installing a plant is like building a bridge able to overcome any obstacle: it is the fast lane for who believes in human relationships, in trust and in the bond linked to a handshake. It is the certainty that you can always count on Ocrim, wherever you are.


The third and last part of the webinar series concerning Ocrim innovative milling techniques has come to an end. Marco Galli, Ocrim Chief Technologist, in three one-hour lasting sessions, analysed the benefits of Ocrim solutions in order to maximize flour production without increasing the equipment with large investiments. In this article we present a brief summary of  topics and data related.

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There is a corporate document to whom we constantly get inspired and according to which we have built our business. It is called the “Charter of Values” and it contains the principles on which we base our identity and our daily actions as “people” and as a company. It is a guiding tool we all share and in which we identify ourselves. It helps us developing a common sense of belonging and encourages each one of us to be a protagonist of our future. Among the core values there is competence and know-how: both make up the large pool of knowledge at the origins of our business success. However these technical aspects are not enough by theirselves: there are essential principles which help in determing the quality of relationships. They are embodied in the consistency and continuity of relationships according to mutual trust and stability.




“Cremona land of excellence” is an emotional report made by Linea Verde, a famous Italian TV program. It tells about an industrious city of a thousand facets: it is known worldwide for its ancient violin-making art and for its rich artistic and cultural heritage, however this video reveals that there is so much more to discover and appreciate. That is why Ocrim is proud to be part of this town and to contribute in the development of its community with plans, actions and projects.

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We are proud of our tradition, it is a cultural heritage, rich in knowledge and experiences, that connects past, present and future, guiding us towards innovation. Looking at this ancient XVIth century mill, we find out the origins of the future art of milling. Art that Ocrim has been cultivating since 1945 and thanks to our constant technological research today the world recognizes our excellence in designing and producing large milling plants. We are aware that the more we strive for a better work today, the greater we be the heritage delivered tomorrow. It is a priceless contribution that we enhance keeping its memory in our Ocrim Museum.



A great and total deal between Ocrim and “Il Cerreto” di Pomarance (Pisa) farm. The new grinding plant, tested on 20 July, combines a traditional stone and a cylinder mill. This is the perfect solution for an organic and biodynamic company which bases its philosophy on a deeply sense of responsibility towards nature and healthy food.

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A note alone does not create a melody. It is the harmonic union of many notes that makes music. In the same way our willigness, our daily commitment and our knowledge allow Ocrim to realize plants of excellence all over the world.