Now it is possible to visit the entire agri-food supply chain in a short time. The R66 helicopter is OCRIM’s new major investment that will allow international customers and visitors to significantly reduce the transfer times from one headquarters to the other of the agri-food supply chain to know the Italian Made entities, appreciated all over the world.

We are proud of our industrial policy. We often talk about how we have structured the agri-food supply chain, concentrated exclusively on the national territory. We tell about our commitment concerning the quality and innovation to always offer a product of excellence but talk about it is different than see it first-hand. It is important for us to show how we work and how we give value to the Italian Made, but it often happens that international customers and visitors haven’t so much time to visit the entire agri-food supply chain. This led the decision to introduce a helicopter to our transport fleet, which will significantly reduce transfer times from the Po Valley to Romagna, Tuscany and Sardinia. This is another important investment that we are pleased to share because this choice is also, like other design and industrial technologies, our global challenge 4.0. A challenge to build ours, but primarily yours, best mills.

Some Info On The Helicopter

It is the R66 helicopter of the well-known Robinson Helicopter Company, the undisputed queen of the light helicopter market for over twenty years. The helicopter, which offers high standards of performances and safety, is characterized by a seating capacity of 4 passengers, has a luggage compartment and is one of the few models equipped with a turbine engine (model Rolls-Royce 300) and autopilot option. Depending on the load, the helicopter has a cruising range of about 3 hours and a cruise speed of 210 km/h. Passenger transport can take place from any airport, airfield or terrain for which the security and space conditions exist to operate the helicopter. Each visit to the OCRIM (Cremona), PAGLIERANI and GHIGI (Rimini), BONIFICHE FERRARESI and AXOR OCRIM (Ferrara), and BONIFICHE SARDE (Arborea) offices will take place by the presence of a representative of the OCRIM team.