Ipack-ima 2. A booth that harks back to a tradition that is inextricably linked to the concept of Italian culture and that is the founding value that has always characterized OCRIM and PAGLIERANI. The references to the past along the emotional path prove that the approach to work hasn’t really changed much over the years, since the passion, skill and attention in production are unchanged. Live streaming from 3 p.m. http://www.ocrim.com/site/stream.html

The concept of “tradition”, which influences the present and inspires the future, is introduced by photographs of the foundry as it was in the 1950s, an antique scale and roller mill. It is well known that OCRIM and PAGLIERANI are two venerable companies, founded in 1945 and 1926, respectively. They started out as small local undertakings, led by hard-working and forward-looking people who made their ambitions reality. At the time, only big names could have realised those ambitions. With passion and pride in their work guiding their choices, the two companies wrote their own history. First, they established themselves in the Italian market. Then, the 1980s saw them conquer the international market as leading players in the milling sector (in the case of OCRIM) and in complete lines for weighing, packaging, palletisation, and full pallet wrapping and hooding (in the case of PAGLIERANI). OCRIM and PAGLIERANI have created a unique formula by ingeniously combining tradition with avant-garde, experience with innovation, craftsmanship with high technology. A formula truly expressed by the stand where – as OCRIM General Manager Maurizio Galbignani says – tradition and innovation coexist and are represented by an artisan machine (an old rollermill), made 70 years ago without the support of technology, and by our latest rollermill, which differs from all the others, because it contains the best Italian know-how, technological process, design and innovation. An evolution highlighting the actual gap between OCRIM and its main competitors”. 

Tradition, From One Generation To The Next

The emotional path through industrial success starts like this: “I dedicate this work to my grandfather Fernando who, in 1926, laid the foundations of the Paglierani company…I dedicate it to my father who taught me the profession and to my brother Alberto, with whom I share my everyday life and strategies… dedicate this work to my niece and nephew, Annalisa and Andrea, and to my sons, Luca and Matteo, because they represent the future…and, last but not least, I dedicate this work to all employees who, for almost a century, have worked and are working to help us grow even larger”. Sergio Antolini, Chairman of OCRIM and CEO of PAGLIERANI, through the creation of a 3D book which melds art, tradition and innovation, dedicates the success of the two companies to their founding members and to future generations. The pop-up book, displayed at the end of the itinerary, is the explicative icon of a dream, a goal that was made reality thanks to the founding values.

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