Piacenza, Italy – Stefano Mazzini, Ocrim Commercial Director, met the students of the course of Business Strategy of the Cattolica University. He has recently given a lecture on the milling market and, in particular, on the investments and marketing mix that led the company to be an international reference point.

From Theory To Practice

“Why should customer buy milling plant equipment from Ocrim?” A seemingly simple question that Mr. Stefano Mazzini solved during his lecture through the complex of strategies that make the difference and guide customers towards a company rather than another. Exceptional audience: students of the Business Strategy course of the Degree in Business Economics of the Cattolica University of Piacenza. A particularly interested audience that has seen in the Ocrim case study the concrete application of a large part of its study plan.

An all-round excursus, starting from the explanation of the characteristics of the wheat grain to how a milling plant works and what it produces; from the analysis of the World wheat and flour market to the definition of the Ocrim vision and mission, such as the export of Italian Made brand and the organization of a food supply chain, which set the course for commercial strategies. Stefano Mazzini explained that, for an international company, the cultural and social process of the consumption habits of different peoples significantly affect the types of products to be treated and, consequently, the design of increasingly technologically advanced systems. Not to mention the importance of research and innovation, which are crucial matters for maintaining a leading position in the reference market. Telling the story of Ocrim, from 1945 to today, the Commercial Director illustrated how the corporate identity has changed over time through the choice of graphic signs and logos to be in line with the constantly accelerating market changes. The strategic investments and, in particular those linked to production, also play a decisive role.

It’s difficult to summarize in such a few lines a speech rich of data, concepts and motivations of choices that are sometimes difficult but necessary to feed the productive system of a company. We hope that our case study has been a useful contribution to the education of new generations, a subject matter to which the company has always dedicated attention. Mr. Mazzini and all Ocrim team thank the Cattolica University for the invitation and in particular Mr. Fabio Antoldi, the Professor of the Business Strategy Course.