“Agro per Agro” is a project of solidarity and circular economy that was born in Cremona to produce organic bakery products. The initiative is part of the activities of the social cooperative Agropolis aimed at supporting young people with disabilities. The young people will be involved in organizing an agricultural micro-chain that involves the cultivation of organic wheat, the production of high-quality flour and bread-making. Ocrim contributed to the realization of the project by offering the bio stone mill as a gift.

White Art Promotes A Closer Relationship Between Man And Nature

A project designed to promote a cultural change in the direction of high-level sustainable development, in full harmony with the objectives set by the UN 2030 Agenda. Quoting Pope Francis: “There’s a clear link between the protection of nature and the building of a just and equitable social order. There cannot be a renewal of our relationship with nature without a renewal of humanity itself. “

A demanding path that the social cooperative Agropolis of Cremona has long undertaken in its education and training of young people with disabilities. The latest initiative that is about to be launched is called “Agro per Agro”, an educational farm, at the “Cascina Marasco” headquarters, which provides for the creation of a short and solidarity agricultural supply chain: from organic wheat, grown in the fields adjacent to the farmhouse , valuable flours and high quality bakery products such as bread, breadsticks, biscuits, focaccia, pizza and other derivatives will be produced.

A circular, sustainable and value-based economic activity with in addition a decisive and unique element of its kind in Italy: the opening of the grinding and bread production shop that will be managed by the young people who attend Agropolis and also aimed at all those who intend get in touch with the world of stone grinding and bread-baking. In fact, workshops and training courses are open to everyone and in particular to the new generations.

The project was officially presented to the Councilor for Agriculture, Food and Green System of the Lombardy Region, Fabio Rolfi who stated: “The combination of agriculture and the social sector is a winner, a model that works. This project will be a virtuous example of a circular economy, will allow the recovery of a disused agricultural property and the combination of agri-food production, of which bread is one of the symbols, with social paths aimed at disability “. The bio stone mill was donated by Ocrim, always at the forefront when it comes to enhancing the territory and, commenting on this initiative, Alberto AntoliniAD Ocrim – said: “the Italian agricultural tradition included in the social activity of Agropolis confirms to all of us the pride of belonging to an extraordinarily tricolor country “.

The social agricultural cooperative “Cascina Marasco” was founded by Tomaso Tavella (president), by Gerardo Paloschi and Carlo Fiorani. Davide Maffezzoni and Tomaso Tavella also actively collaborate: thanks to their specific expertise, they will guarantee the quality of the bread that will be produced. The president of Agropolis, Lodovico Ghelfi, was also satisfied and, commenting on the launch of the “Agro per Agro” project, said: “The need to review the relationship between man and planet is now an emergency. Agropolis has decided to put in action with a project that aims to demonstrate that another way of living the environment is possible. “