The strategic vision of Federico Vecchioni, Bonifiche Ferraresi CEO, foresees the control of all the Made in Italy agricultural production sectors, from seed to quality food, to services for precision farming. The creation of a hub for sustainable agriculture also designed for international activities. Great attention to the realization of projects related to food and energy, essential sectors for the development of the Planet.

The Agricultural Driving Force For Italy

After only 40 months of intense activity Federico Vecchioni, Bonifiche Ferraresi CEO, collected the full confidence of the shareholders with the approval of the financial statements for the 2019 financial year and, last February, with the 100% subscription of the capital increase of Euro 45 million (which adds to the capital increase settled on December 28, 2018  of 121 million euros), which brings the allocation of resources for the implementation of the business plan to a total amount of 166 million euros. The results obtained in the last year were significant: the value of production had an increase of 23% (from 78.6 million euros in 2018 to 96.8 million in 2019); EBTIDA is 9.5 million compared to 4.1 in 2018 with a positive sign of 132%; net profit amounted to 0.8 million compared to 0.1 million in 2018 and, finally, the proposed dividend is 0.003 euros per share. With these premises, the realization of an industrial plan finds breeding ground, which has as its aim the control of all agricultural production sectors, from seed to plate. Bonifiche is “The only player – declares Federico Vecchioni – that at this moment has all the requirements of 100% Made in Italy: it has 100% of the financial resources from Italian shareholders, owns and uses 100% Italian land, cultivates 100% Italian agricultural products and produces 100% Italian food.”

The capital increase will also be destined for new acquisitions to increase the control and production of the various food chains of BF both from a qualitative and quantitative point of view and, to enhance innovation, technology and research. A process that is already underway because – as Federico Vecchioni says – Today whoever has a strong presence wins. This justifies the presence of BF in Società Italiana Sementi (S.I.S.).This explains the realization by BF of industrial platforms for pasta and rice that we pack both with the “Le Stagioni d’Italia” brand and with the private label of Coop and Conad, two cooperatives active in the large-scale retail sector. This motivates the presence in animal husbandry through an agreement with Cremonini Group, in herbal teas, in oil through Farchioni 1780, in fruit and vegetables thanks to an agreement with the Salvi Vivai Group that has become a shareholder of BF. Thus should be read the agreement signed with OCRIM for the development of a milling platform, the Milling Hub”.

The next investment should be taken place in April and concerns the acquisition of a target company in Northern Italy that produces 100% Italian food supplements. An entrance not only of great financial value, but also functional for those like BF is active in the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants for the organic production of herbal teas and chamomiles. But the ongoing projects do not end there. And, who knows, in the not-so-distant future BF could also enter retail sector by opening stores with the “Le Stagioni d’Italia” brand.