There’re the winds of change in the company today. A large part of the Ocrim team has returned to their workplace. Never before this familiar daily routine that seemed so obvious and, at times, even boring, has been appreciated in this period of isolation and forced smart working. There is a desire for normality; the desire to look up and meet a colleague’s gaze, to exchange a smile at each other. It doesn’t matter if the protection measures have increased the distance between people, what matters is the new spirit that unites everyone, made of hope that the Covid-19 will soon become a faraway memory and renewed and vigorous commitment. Since the beginning of this pandemic, the “Internal Committee for Covid-19 risk mitigation” has carried out an important work to strengthen containment measures to ensure the safety of the team on the one hand and business continuity on the other. Thanks to this work, today Ocrim can guarantee the return of workers, maintaining, when necessary, the flexibility that the situation requires. The road to a new normal is finally open and increasingly clear of obstacles.