A few days after the full reopening of the business, slowed down by the Covid-19 emergency, Ocrim and JSC Makfa have reached agreement for a new grinding unit having a capacity of 250 T/24h. The innovative technological solutions proposed by Ocrim consolidate the ten-year collaboration with the largest Russian flour milling complex. Makfa, historical brand for the production of pasta, cereals, flakes, flour and baking mixes, is the n°1 among pasta producers in Eastern Europe and is ranking in the top 5 of global pasta producers.

JSC Makfa: 83 Years Of Success

The Russian giant has been producing pasta since 1937. In 83 years of activity it has witnessed and contributed to the great transformation of the country, just think that in the 80s the Soviet Union was the first world importer of wheat and today Russia holds the record as the largest wheat exporter (30 million tons), surpassing the European Union. JSC Makfa is one of the Russian companies with a complete production cycle that includes agricultural land, a powerful processing complex, modern production and packaging lines, and an automated storage site. Makfa production is concentrated in or near to the following regions of Russia: the southern Urals, the Altai and the Stavropol Region. Makfa has conquered the first place among pasta producers in Eastern Europe and has been in the top 5 of the world markets. It produces with its own brand a wide and diversified range of products which includes pasta, flour, cereals and flakes. These are products characterize by a high and recognized quality that have earned Makfa numerous prestigious awards across the country.

Makfa Chooses Ocrim Innovation

Makfa production capacity requires cutting-edge innovative projects that can guarantee a high and constant quality of all products. Requirements that Ocrim has always been able to satisfy since the first plant built about ten years ago. Ocrim has in fact followed several projects including the two semolina mills of 330 and 360 T/24h respectively, always active in Chelyabinsk and the soft/hard mill having a capacity of 400 T/24h in Kurgan region. Just in these days, a new agreement was reached for the realization of a new complete line, to be installed in an existing building, to produce durum wheat semolina with a capacity of 250 T/24h. A further confirmation of the relationship of trust and esteem towards Ocrim that, during the conference call, the CEO Anton Belousov commented as follows: “To be one of the Top producers worldwide, it is necessary to have a high-quality semolina, the result of a high-quality cereal worked with the best machines and modern technologies on the market today “. Alberto Antolini, Ocrim CEO, doubly satisfied for having reached agreement in the week of reopening after the Covid-19 peak, said: “We are proud to have been chosen again by one of the top players in the production of pasta in Russia and at European level. In a moment of emergency like the one we lived, this important milestone represents a strong sign of optimism“.