We would like to share with you this emotional memory that we have received last week from the dear friend Ramon Ganyet following the article published regarding Luigi Barboglio.

Dear all,

a few days ago, I had the opportunity to see the “LUIGI BARBOGLIO. THE VERSATILE MAN” video.
I watched it, heard it more than once and my eyes filled with tears. Luigi, for me, was a good and honest man. A great professional, who loved the milling industry to which he dedicated his entire life, and a true gentleman. I have saved the video, in which Luigi tells with spontaneity and humility Ocrim life, which was also his life. I will never forget it. I loved him with all my heart and it was a pleasure to talk with him, explaining his experiences and always speaking with great enthusiasm about “YOUR” Ocrim. I believe that Ocrim has had a great success in recording and spreading this video, which shows all the feelings of a man who dedicated his entire life, always with enthusiasm and never give up, to proudly carry the name Ocrim around the world. Thanks to Ocrim for giving me (giving us) the opportunity to relive these images and listen to his voice, full of passion and hope, despite his advanced age.

Rest in peace and in memory, dear and remembered LUIGI BARBOGLIO. An unrepeatable man.
With love,

Ramon Ganyet