A nice web miniseries, created by Le Stagioni d’Italia, in the name of good food. Exceptional testimonial was the well-known Italian actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta, a true icon of Mediterranean beauty. What is the better ambassador than a healthy and tasty Mediterranean food style? WIth 100% Italian product as those of Le Stagioni d’Italia, it is easy to learn how to eat well.

Good Food Is The Best Medicine

Being responsible for the health of consumers is part of the Bonifiche Ferraresi DNA. A responsibility that the company expresses through a short supply chain, making high-quality choices, from the selection of pure grains to sustainable cultivation, to the production of pasta, rice and herbal teas. A unique reality in the national and international panorama of Italian food.

One example among many: Senatore Cappelli durum wheat pasta was the subject of a recent research carried out at the Gemelli Hospital in Rome. For a few months 30 patients with serious problems of carbohydrate malabsorption ate 100 grams per day of Senatore Cappelli pasta and, as confirmed by Dr. Maria Cristina Mele – Director of the Departmental Unit of Advanced Nutrition in Oncology- “All patients who have ate the pasta Senatore Cappelli, compared with the patients who ate another type of pasta, had evident benefits. The research, published in the international scientific journal Nutrients, showed a marked improvement in intestinal and extra intestinal symptoms such as headache and dermatitis. A significant proof that a healthy Mediterranean diet can be assimilated to the effect of a medicine to keep the body healthy.


In The Kitchen With Le Stagioni d’Italia

The well-known Sicilian actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta, a true icon of Mediterranean beauty, is the testimonial of a nice web miniseries, Cooking with Cucinotta, produced by Le Stagioni d’Italia. Maria Grazia flanked by her young friend Jaser, who does not disdain junk food, invites us to cook with her typical dishes of the Mediterranean diet, making us appreciate the importance of a healthy eating style and the goodness of Le Stagioni d’Italia ingredients. Cereals are fully included in the health food pyramid because they constitute a category of basic foods to give the body the macronutrients of a balanced diet.

The nutritional model of the Mediterranean diet, which is inspired by the traditional food style of our country, has been studied and compared with other eating styles; Scientists around the world agree that it is the best solution to protect health from cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. As long as the ingredients respond to characteristics of excellence such as those produced by Le Stagioni d’Italia. But let’s go back to the cooking suggestions of Maria Grazia who in 6 episodes reveals the secrets of some healthy and tasty recipes. In this first episode she prepares pasta alla Norma, a typical dish of his land, based on tortiglioni, aubergines and salted ricotta. Now all we can do is going to stove … enjoy your meal!