On the 12th November we realised a webinar addressed to the Latin-American world in collaboration with the Argentinian magazine Cultura Molinera. The Manager of South America Department Andrea Schintu and the Head of the Ocrim Technological Department Marco Galli gave a technical session about mill production showing the innovative solutions suggested by Ocrim. The webinar, which was realised for the first time in Spanish, was far more successful than we expected and has become an international event.

Collaboration With The Argentinian Magazine Cultura Molinera

When we were asked by “Cultura Molinera” to prepare our first webinar in Spanish we did not expect to raise such great interest. The webinar was originally addressed to a small group of workers in the Latino-American market. Surprisingly, the number of participants was much larger and included people from all over the world, also from Europe. Cultura Molinera was founded as a magazine specialised in milling art and recently created an international academic platform to foster dialogue among specialists and managers in the milling sector. The mediatic audience allowed our experts, Andrea Schintu and Marco Galli, to share experience, know-how and innovation. Andrea has now been Ocrim manager for Iberian Peninsula and Latino-America for 20 years and has a long-time experience in sales managing, relationship with costumers as well as a deep knowledge of the different international markets. Marco Galli has been working at Ocrim since 1983. He is now Head of Technological and Process Department and Director of the International Milling School. As a technology expert, he is author of the main innovations at Ocrim. During the webinar Andrea Schintu and Marco Galli were able to involve all participant for the whole session also thanks to the contribution of the Director of the magazine Lucinda Berenice Castro Jofre, who worked as a moderator at the event.

The webinar introduced the Ocrim’s business philosophy, which focuses on centralized production. Thanks to the almost entire internal production cthe company can offer  certified materials and supplies, direct control of all processes and quality of the final product with the Ocrim brand “Italian Made”.The choice of a centralised production shows Ocrim’s skills in adapting to the new trends of the market particularly concerning wheat cleaning and preparation through optical sorting machine, surface treatment, and grain size distribution linked to roller mill management. Ocrim’s technical characteristics, which were introduced led to following conclusions:

  • High-quality final product is possible through combination of different machines, like optical sorting machine and husker, together with high efficiency flowsheet on market demand.
  • To maximise production ensuring flexibility it is necessary to proceed with size sorting and loading optimization of rolling mills. Such process ensures homogeneity and high quality to the final product but with lower investments and an excellent Capex index.

If you would like to take part in our Ocrim Webinar we are waiting for you at the third and last session of “Technological Tips by Ocrim” which has been scheduled on:

Thursday 26th November 2020 at 10.00 a.m. in English

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Friday 27th November 2020 at 4.00 p.m. in English

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