The demand for “special” flours that are ready to use is a steadily increasing trend. Ocrim responds to this new trend with technological and engineering solutions presented in the next OcrimWebinar, scheduled for July 7th, 2021. The event will be hosted by Fabio Vuoto, Ocrim’s technical director, who will describe the processes for dosing and mixing macro and micro ingredients, and the features of Ocrim machines.

A recent market analysis has shown that the demand for special, ready-to-use flours is increasing significantly: these are products made from primary flours to which specific additives are also added, thanks to the support of grinding systems.  To obtain this type of product, therefore, it is fundamental to adopt system solutions that can monitor and render the systems used for the “production” of the individual dedicated flours increasingly more accurate.

The next webinar, scheduled for Wednesday, July 7th will, in fact, be dedicated to this subject and will be hosted by our beloved Food Entertainer Anna Buffa who, with humour and enthusiasm, will accompany Ocrim’s technical director, Fabio Vuoto; following the success of the “How To Build a Milling Plant” webinar, held in March, he will be back to reply to most frequently asked questions concerning the flour mixing system and additives: in what percentage should micro and macro ingredients be used? Which grains or flours can be mixed? What elements should be taken into account when designing a mixing system? What is the difference between volumetric and gravimetric, continuous or batch systems?

In the next webinar, “Ocrim Dosing Systems for Macro & Micro Ingredients”, Fabio Vuoto will give participants a tour of the world of “special” flour production, providing an exhaustive description of the features of the various systems and giving priceless advice on how to make a thoughtful investment choice.

Don’t miss out! Wednesday July 7th,  2021:

at 10:00 AM (UTC+2) – In Italian and English – Click here to register

at 4:00 PM (UTC+2) – In Italian, English, French and Spanish – Click here to register