The relationship with Ocrim dates back to 2008, the year in which the Roccasalva mill decided to build a new milling plant to grind durum wheat, which was later extended, consolidating the relationship. Today, a few years down the line, Roccasalva has decided to build a new milling plant, this time for common wheat, with the most advanced innovative criteria in terms of energy saving, sanitation and food safety. Once again, Ocrim has accepted the technological challenge desired by Roccasalva.

We are in Sicily, in the beautiful baroque town of Modica, the province of Ragusa, recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and known throughout the world for its exquisite chocolate. However, in this area, a few kilometres from the centre and surrounded by greenery, there is another great reality of excellence: the Gaetano Roccasalva mill. It is the largest Sicilian milling hub whose strong point has always been the production of durum wheat, re-ground, traditional and organic, semolina for pasta production and organic semolina from BIOAGRICERT-certified organic durum wheat. Spanned over two generations, the Roccasalva family has succeeded in combining milling tradition, love of the land, technology and research, thereby achieving high quality standards. In 55 years of activities carried out with passion, determination and professionalism, the Roccasalva family has gained the trust of demanding markets and consumers who are increasingly more careful of the choice of raw materials and healthy, genuine products. Next to the first mill for milling durum wheat built by Ocrim in 2008 and extended after only two years, a second mill is now being built for common wheat with a capacity of 200 T/24h for the production of various types of flour. The construction and installation of the new project is still underway.

Once again, the Roccasalva family has entrusted Ocrim with the task, confident in the company’s expertise to meet the technological challenge with an innovative project. Roberto Roccasalva, when signing the contract in October 2019, said: “When we decided to build a new mill, distinguished for its energy savings, we had no doubts: Ocrim is the partner with the right means and technology to come up with an innovative strategy that is able to fulfil our needs”.  The new plant was designed according to the highest sanitation, food and energy safety criteria and required the study and use of specific technologies and materials. For example, energy savings of more than 30% have been estimated through the use of roller mills with the latest generation synchronous reluctance motors. These, together with the main suction and pressure pneumatic conveying machines, are controlled by inverters: this makes it possible to reach maximum efficiency based on the work loads. In addition, the grinding section has been equipped with advanced machinery and stainless steel drop piping. On the other hand, the plansifters have been equipped with antibacterial and antifungal sieves to ensure high food safety and sanitation standards. A truly futuristic plant, the pride of the entire Ocrim team, reflected in the words of the CEO, Alberto Antolini: “It is gratifying when a historical partner such as Roccasalva chooses Ocrim for a new complex project. But when Ocrim is chosen to take on an actual challenge, then things get exciting. With this new project, we are paving roads to destinations that seemed impossible until very recently.”