After 7 years since the last winning title and 4 finals played and lost, the San Marino Baseball team won the fifth A1 Italian championship by beating UnipolSai Bologna. A thrilling finale for the game played on 19 August with the spectacular result of 12-3 in game4. The owner, Alberto Antolini, is proud of his team’s success.

A magical night on 19 August at Serravalle. The championship was in the air, however, San Marino Baseball supporters and technical staff knew that the final against UnipolSai Bologna would have put the team’s endurance and concentration to the test. The game was equally challenging and spectacular, which ended after 8 innings with the result of 12-3 in game 4. The San Marino Baseball wins its fifth championship and is now the 2021 Italian champion.  The San Marino athletes have once again won with the determination and passion of those who do not want to disappoint the fans that have always supported them, even in the most difficult moments. The performance of Tiago da Silva, Brazilian naturalised Italian, was extraordinary. He did not betray the trust of the Manager, Doriano Bindi, and the pitching coach, Paolo Ceccaroli, and he also received the well-deserved MPV award from the press at the end of the game. 

The Titan’s owner, Alberto Antolini – CEO Ocrim – commented with pride I have always believed that with Da Silva we could neither lose game four nor this championship, despite knowing that we were up against a strong opponent like Bologna […]. But I know how we have built this team, a team tailor-made for this championship (…). Of course, you must be good at creating a team: it wasn’t easy – in addition, in a short time – to group different characters, languages and mentalities together (…), but, I confess, when I saw Da Silva on the pitcher’s mound in game one, I was overwhelmed.”

With gratitude and affection, Alberto Antolini dedicated the championship to Rino Zangheri, Bruno Bertani and Gibo Vittori (ex pitchers of Santarcangelo and Rimini). 

Titan’s managers, staff, technicians and players also had a private meeting on the 24th August at the Palazzo Pubblico of the Republic of San Marino with the Most Excellent Captains Regent Gian Carlo Venturini and Marco Nicolini, in the presence of the Secretary of State for Sport, Teodoro Lonfernini, the President of the San Marino National Olympic Committee, Gian Primo Giardi, and the Secretary General, Eros Bologna.