Ocrim continues to invest to boost its production department, integrating 2D laser cutting and a third robotic welding station. Increased production and reduced processing times are just some of the advantages.

As early as the beginning of 2021 we shared our industrial plan for 2021-2023. Proceeding in a view of the continuous improvement of production, we would like to present the latest developments relative to industry 4.0 of our carpentry workshop. Increased productivity, reduced processing times, reduced maintenance costs and energy savings: these are the advantages linked to the introduction of a new work centre in replacement of the two existing ones, while still guaranteeing faster execution.

The new 2D Laser characterised by a fibre laser beam, makes it possible to process semi-finished metal products (such as carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium) guaranteeing excellent cutting at high speed and precision. Positioned in line with the machine, there are also eight storage drawers containing packs of unfinished sheet metal. The storage has a PC which makes it possible to optimise the processing times, guaranteeing the management of materials also during unmanned production cycles, for many consecutive hours.

On the other hand, the welding area has been modernised with the addition of a third robotic welding station. It is an anthropomorphic robot with a welding unit equipped with the innovative CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) system that is able to weld special materials and sheet metal with a thickness of about one millimetre, guaranteeing the quality of the product; plus, it is possible to weld on two work stations intermittently for an overall length of 16m. Thanks to the 3D graphic environment that reproduces that exact welding island, it is possible to enter robot programming for the part being welded, without stopping production. It is also possible to program it remotely.

Another step head in terms of production process optimisation that translates into a series of great advantages regarding quality, efficiency, safety and reliability for the people who choose our products.