Today is our company’s anniversary, and we are going to celebrate it by dedicating this logo to the life of our brand. It has been our logo for 77 years, expressing our identity worldwide, along with the core values that have helped us grow and that we continue to pursue with renewed strength in all our relationships and projects. It assures our customers that quality is our top priority and, once again this year, we will be announcing some great news.  

A Logo For Our 77th Anniversary

It feels strange to be celebrating an anniversary that is usually held every 10 years, but this is an important year for Ocrim. Despite the difficulties we have faced and the lockdowns that were recently imposed on us, we keep taking a forward-looking approach to our work. Besides, those who already know us are well aware that we like to do ordinary things in unusual ways and that “originality” and “authenticity” are the hallmarks of how we approach life and business.

It is the key to our success, and we will continue to look to the future with youthful enthusiasm, without imitating anyone or anything. This logo symbolises our essence and features the colours of the Italian flag, our commitment to Italian Made. The green square, a symbol of hope and stability, encircles the number 77 and, according to the rules of geometry, inevitavly draws attention to the red circle ad a distinguishing mark of our unmistakable brand.

These elements may seem simple, but they truly express the full complexity of a corporate philosophy that values tradition and innovation. The same apparent simplicity prompted Giotto (1266-1337) to draw a perfect circle freehand, which is now widely known as the “O of Giotto”. This story is featured in all art history books. The Florentine painter thus persuaded Pope Boniface VIII to entrust him with the task of making his portrait and stated the following: “Here is my best painting.” The Pope realised that this circle demonstrated that Giotto was exceptionally talented, and he was right after all. In fact, this young artist went on to become one of the greatest Italian painters. We like to think, somewhat presumptuously, that the O of Ocrim may very well embody a fraction of the ingenuity that Giotto’s O stands for.

In 77 years, if we look back to the first mill in Cavatigozzi, on the outskirts of Cremona, where everything began under the skilful leadership of the Grassi family and later the Antolini family, we have come a long way. Ocrim’s history intertwines with that of a post-war country, with its brave and resourceful people who gave life to the great Ocrim and Paglierani family. Today, our company is led by the Antolini family and employs more than 500 people. In keeping with our slogan “Walk the Italian Way”, we proudly export our Italian spirit worldwide and continue our journey as determined as ever, driven by creativity and technological innovation.

We would like to thank those who are on this journey with us!