We announced great news for 2022!In this second episode, Ocrim’s journey towards the future begins with launching and navigating on the space route. Read the logbook and observe our crew take off to get another little clue about what is going to happen.

Stardate: 2022.04.06 – Audio Contact 124/k1 Captain Antolin

<< MIRCO 1 is calling ground control, MIRCO 1 is calling ground control, can you hear me? Captain Antolin speaking >>.

<< Engineers and crew are fine, vital signs normal after take-off. We are floating in interstellar space at a speed of 27,000 km/h direction Epsilon Eridani for the access to the Wormhole.  After entering the space-time tunnel, we should be able to observe the red Supernova that the source pointed out to us as a sign to follow >>

<< We are studying the magnetic frequencies coming out from the alien transmission source to try to identify any form of life on the Planet >>.

<< During a study, Dr. EVIN told me (that) he had identified DNA segments in the trail of the red Supernova, associated with wheat >>.

<< Engineer DYN has also set up an inter-satellite audio video bridge: we should be able to be in contact with you even after passing the event horizon. According to astrophysical calculations, the landing on alien ground is expected on the 13th of April, Earth date. I repeat: landing on alien ground on the 13th of April, Earth date. Until then we will find ourselves within the space-time passage and we will not be able to communicate with you >>

<< We need to keep the radio link active, which is the only tool for sending and receiving messages with the Earth: we therefore ask you to share this journey on all your social media channels. We hope to get back in touch on the 13 of April, from a parallel universe >>

End of transmission.