In Cremona headquarters we are always committed to study and implement new solutions to optimize our customers’ plants. The excitement and anxious expectation for the new future path we have undertaken, are growing. The announcement of our news is coming shortly … follow the latest events of our galactic journey. In this fourth episode you may find out more about the new aims of Ocrim. 

Stardate: 2022.04.27 – Logbook Cremona Ground Control – Contact Attempt 47

<< Cremona ground control to MIRCO1. Respond. Please answer… >> << Captain Antolin can you hear us? Here Cremona ground control. We no longer detect your signal on PARESC 7 coordinates >>. << Let’s open the emergency channel with P.O. -STAR waiting for your mother frequency >>.

Waiting for a new contact to be established, let’s go over again the facts narrated up to now.

On the 7th of March our Cremona technicians picked up a radio wave signal from the distant Universe.  It seems that an Extra-Solar Planet entirely covered with wheat urgently needs help. Up to now, there is no specific information on the nature of the request. On the 6th of April, a task force settled up of Ocrim engineers and technicians was launched into intergalactic space from the Cremona base, with a TurboStar… This is a never faced mission by mankind. The crew, our great pride, left families, friends and colleagues on Earth, in the hope of supporting unknown worlds with his knowledge, and of being able to see our wonderful Blue Planet as soon as possible.

After take-off, Captain Antolin informed us that the entire crew is in excellent condition and is busy in defining the possible extent of the mission. The latest press release on 13th of April confirms the landing on extrasolar ground, all crew members are in good health and awaiting the first contact with alien intelligences … Since that moment, despite non-stop requests, we have not received any other signals from the TurboStar and the audio-video connection attempts seem swallowed by antimatter.

As last attempt we will send a signal into space that should arrive on the alien planet on the 7th of May. Please Send you a signal too by sharing on social channels. We look forward to seeing you on the 7th of May for the latest news.