Oparts, the new Ocrim e-commerce portal for milling plants’ spare parts released a few days ago, has already aroused considerable interest. To answer the many questions from our customers we have organized a webinar scheduled for Wednesday, June 15. Registration is now open.

The future has already begun. In the last weeks we have followed the exciting MIRCO1  space mission of Ocrim crew engaged in a maintenance service of a gigantic intergalactic milling plant. Captain Antolin, very satisfied with the success of the mission, returned to base with good news. To recreate the same conditions of efficiency and speed of intervention, Ocrim released the Oparts e-commerce platformwww.oparts-shop.com – where customers can access interactive catalogues to order spare parts quickly and safely. The new website offers user friendly navigation, but to illustrate the various sections we have organized an Ocrim Webinar that will be held on Wednesday, June15.

The Oparts project represents the link between past and future. It’s the fil rouge of O: O as origin, O as Ocrim, O as the circle that unites everything (man and machine, earth and space, tradition and innovation). With Oparts, a new path has opened that projects us towards an increasingly technological universe but in the human dimension that distinguishes us. “Walk the Italian Way” gave birth to “Walk the Milky Way”, a journey full of new experiences that reduces distances and time zones to be closer and closer.