Welcome to the AILATI blog. Here you will find information, news and initiatives dedicated to milling art, mechatronics, agribusiness, food, pasta, culture and art.  Let’s start with the post number zero dedicated to a brief presentation of the agri-food supply chain and to the structure of the blog realized in two languages (Italian version: www.ai-lati.it).

Just two words to introduce the members of the Italian agri-food supply chain.

OCRIM S.p.A., founded in 1945, is a company specialised in “turnkey” projects and in the design and construction of mills for grinding wheat, corn, cereals in general and feed mills. The OCRIM path towards excellence, has led the company to establish an agri-food supply chain capable of managing the entire product process together with respected partners:

PAGLIERANI, specializes in the design, construction, installation of machines and complete lines for weighing, packaging and bagging purposes;

BONIFICHE FERRARESI, the only Italian agricultural company with an assets of about 6,500 cultivated hectares, is a company operating in the cultivation and marketing of agricultural products;

PASTA GHIGI is the only Italian industrial entity directly managed by the cereal growers.

AUGEO Art Space, a center for contemporary art, a particular partner, apparently foreign to our business and yet so symbolically representative of our ITALIAN MADE project as it embraces tradition, culture, art, design, quality and technology.

We plan to publish posts with a rather intensified frequency because we have so many things to tell you about our way of working, our strategies and the philosophy that drives every choice, in the tradition of Italian culture. This is essentially the meaning of the blog and the decision to make it even in English version, a portal that allows everyone to enter, ask and observe.

In this regard, take a look at the menu. In the three sections “KNOWLEDGES”, “SHARINGS” and “THOUGHTS” are grouped all the posts for the three thematic macro-areas, a fast track to the directly access of topics related to each other.

Lastly, if you have a bit of curiosity and want to know more about the origin and meaning of the name AILATI, visit the dedicated section in the menu.

Appointment to the next post, the first of a long series.