The avant-garde research and training centre, created thanks to the strategic partnership between OCRIM and Bonifiche Ferraresi, is already in full swing. Some prestigious contributions come from institutions, companies and universities. Customers experience the processing phases of the raw material in the first person.

It has no equal in Italy. It is much more than a research place, as it represents the shared vision of a group of companies closely linked to the concept of ITALIAN MADE and firmly determined to add value to agri-food excellence.

More Value For Italian Made.

 The idea comes from simple but challenging questions: how to increase the culture of an important asset of the Italian economy? What resources should be used to create a common melting pot of ideas, skills, intellects and creativity? The answer is here, in the city of Jolanda di Savoia, Ferrara’s rice capital: a hub of consulting, training and internship that finds expression in the futuristic structure of a real campus, indeed, “the campus into the fields”.

How The Campus Is Structured.

The area includes: an auditorium, a mill, fields designed as outdoor areas for precision farming – an ideal area for practice and cutting-edge training –  and a campus where to stay and aggregate in an atmosphere of relational exchanges. It is in this context that participants can immerse themselves in every processing phase of raw material, verifying in first person the competences and the technologies proposed, becoming themselves the representatives in the market.

Prestigious Partners.

Bonifiche Ferraresi and OCRIM have involved into the project institutional agencies, companies and prestigious universities: ISMEA (Institute of Services for the Agri-food Market), CNR (National Research Council), Ghigi, for pasta industry, ENEL, for power, the Universities of Parma, Bologna, Florence and Università Cattolica for high level training. All of these partners have joined with enthusiasm, determined to create and give value and independence to a never seen before project in Italy.

The Campus In Action.

 The activity of the Campus has already begun at full speed, with a rich calendar of international events, conferences and debates with the intellectual contribution of the economic and political world. One of all: the “Animal husbandry 4.0” conference, held on October 5th, 2017.  Among the speakers also the Health Minister, Beatrice Lorenzin, the Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, Maurizio Martina and experts from scientific-technological and agri-food sector. During the presentation of the centre, the CEO of Bonifiche Ferraresi, Federico Vecchioni, stated: “History teaches us that when fine minds, looking out for the common good, join and work together, the end of result is, without doubt, fruitful and positive.”.  Alberto Antolini, CEO of OCRIM declared: “Our aim is also to ‘guide’ our clients, from the first steps of learning about the raw material, to processing it through the advanced technology of our increasingly-automated machines and plants, to the converting of the final product such as pasta, biscuits, etc.”

No doubt: “the campus into the fields” was the right choice to provide more opportunities and future to the agri-food sector.