OCRIM has signed an agreement with the “neighbour” Arvedi: this year the Acciaieria Arvedi, based in Cremona, will supply to OCRIM the raw material for the production of the new rollermills and plansifters. A further step in the Full Italian Made philosophy, guaranteeing a high-quality standard, traceability and sustainable choices while respecting the environment.


Cremona For Cremona

There are many points in common between OCRIM and the Acciaieria Arvedi: both are leading companies in their sector, have a consolidated international dimension, stand out for a high quality and technologically advanced production, and represent two historic companies of Cremona territory. What better conditions for signing an important supply agreement related to the steel of Cremona? Already this year OCRIM will produce, with the raw material of Acciaieria Arvedi, the new rollermills and plansifters which together represent 30% of the total production; they are the main machines of the milling plants, totally built and assembled in the OCRIM sites. Under the slogan “Cremona for Cremona”, this decision, in addition to raising the quality standard of new generation machinery, is also coherent with the sustainable strategies that OCRIM pursues to protect the territory and public health. In fact, concerning the transportation, the distances are considerably shorter and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions is generated. Among the decision taken and linked to the territory, the recent expansion project of the OCRIM production site also belongs to, which envisages the construction of a new building for offices, covering an area of approximately 7,000 square meters.


Full Italian Made

Alberto Antolini, CEO of OCRIM, commenting on the agreement between OCRIM and Acciaieria Arvedi, highlighted that the company’s commitment to developing a totally Italian Made technology will always be a priority and this commitment “dates back to 2009 when OCRIM, in contrast to the major competitors, has dealt with the most complicated road of the anti-globalization”.  The Italian origin of the OCRIM machinery, in all phases of the supply chain, constitutes the fundamental principle for a 4.0 technological industrialization, as a guarantee of quality, traceability of raw materials, advanced engineering and reduction of environmental impact. A strategy that, thanks to strategic and valuable alliances and partnerships, allows the entire agri-food supply chain to be controlled, constituting a strong point positively recognized by the domestic and foreign market. This strategy is also confirmed by a continuously growing turnover and a forecast of 2018 significant increase in production.