Today our President, Mr. Primo Antolini, turns 97. From rural origins, to imprisonment in a German concentration camp, to the first steps in the world of work, to the international success of the PAGLIERANI company, to the important company that is today. OCRIM, PAGLIERANI and the all actors of the agri-food supply chain wish Happy Birthday to this determined man who has been able to transmit passion, diligence, dignity, respect and work challenge!

A Long Successful Life

Who would have said that this “boy”, born in 1921, would have made a long way? Mr. Primo Antolini grew up in the Romagna countryside, in a rural family that gave him the value of work and responsibility. The outbreak of the Second World War ended his peaceful provincial life, involving him in the tragic conflict and the consequent imprisonment in a German concentration camp. The Second Lieutenant Antolini remembers the hunger and hardships of that time, a harsh experience that has helped to temper him and make him that determined man who has never lost heart in the face of the life obstacles. After a period dedicated to teaching as a primary school teacher, he began his entrepreneurial career in his father-in-law company, Mr. Fernando Paglierani. Originally PAGLIERANI was a simple mechanical workshop that produced cement bagging machines, then, in the 60s and after the father-in-law retired, Primo Antolini took over the company, investing much resources in the innovative solutions and transforming PAGLIERANI into the company that today is known and appreciated all over the world. It was only the beginning of a long career characterized by brilliant intuitions and an international vision of business dedicated to the Italian Made. Goal reached, President! But to those who think that Mr. Primo Antolini is enjoying his retirement in his homeland, in Santarcangelo di Romagna, we invite them to go to PAGLIERANI on any day and find out that our President arrives punctually every morning, he informs, checks, advises, inspects the departments and, satisfied, at 12 p.m. returns at home.  His entrepreneurship  will never retire.

Happy Birthday, President!

To celebrate his 97 years old, Mr. Primo Antolini has dedicated the following message to all of us“Many springs have passed. A life that goes so fast and full of pitfalls and successes: the rural origins, the war, the imprisonment, the teaching to the new generations of the true meaning of life, the bet in the private obtaining honesty, experience and compentence from those who had given me the opportunity to put myself on the line. Today my days are full of joy in seeing what for me has been in continuous progression. Thanks all for what you are and what you do. I want to continue to have fun, having fun in seeing your happiness, the spirit of belonging, your competence with the certainty of not being absolutely wrong. With love, Primo Antolini”. Thanks President. OCRIM, PAGLIERANI and the all actors of the agri-food supply chain wish you Happy Birthday for your 97 years old and for all the others that will come.