The fourth generation of the Antolini’s family gets ready for the pass of the baton for what will be the natural and gradual changeover to the entire organization control. The OCRIM sweatshirt ceremony marks the starting point for the new generation entrance into the company. This is a symbolic passage, from father to son, of corporate values and traditions, but also an expression of great trust in own specific abilities.

In OCRIM there is the following rule: make or do something step by step without rush into things. It is a rule that is applied to all new entries, even for young Antolini, the fourth generation that gets ready to receive an important heritage, made of hard work, dedication, research, ideas and a lot of passion. There is an official moment that decrees “the kick-off” to enter the company: the “sweatshirt ceremony” during which parents give their children the OCRIM sweatshirt, the same one that a player wears when takes the field as protagonist of the game that is playing. The same that distinguishes the factory staff every day. A sort of “swearing-in ceremony” that transfers the deeper meaning of a corporate identity and values in order to give them continuity. A few days ago, it was Matteo’s turn, the son of Sergio Antolini. He received the OCRIM sweatshirt during the last Ipack-ima 2018 exhibition. On his face you can read all the satisfaction for the beginning of what is expected be a great adventure. The same ceremony was made for Annalisa and Andrea, Alberto Antolini’s sons, during the event “Wheat, flour and …” 2013 edition. For all of them that sweatshirt is a symbol of humility, respect, motivation to learning and involvement. From the “sweatshirt to the sceptre”, from the apprenticeship to the control of the entire organization, there is still a long way to go and, in the meantime, the youngsters, to breathe the mood of the family companies, take part in the meetings of the board of directors, the presentation of new projects and to everyday life. They listen, ask for clarifications, take notes and weave the storyline of the new team, made of good relations, comparisons and concrete collaboration, indispensable requisites so that the generation change take place in the name of continuity and constant growth. Youngsters are bearers of new stimuli, in them the inclination towards innovation is innate because, as the Austrian economist Schumpeter (1883-1950) expressed in his theory of innovation, it is this quality that constitutes the real driving force of growth. The entrepreneurial story of the Antolini family is the proof of this because it identifies the key to its success in the search of different tools and applications and in the realization of innovative ideas, without ever losing sight of the tradition role. Welcome Matteo and good work! We are sure that you and your cousins ​​Annalisa and Andrea will give companies the positive contribution to guarantee health and longevity.