Conad rewards once again the quality of the GHIGI pasta factory. The organic line, again under the Conad brand, is now also added to the agreement signed last year for the supply of traditional pasta line. The high quality of pasta is guaranteed by the traceability of the GHIGI supply chain, totally Italian Made, and by the cultivation of raw materials in full compliance with the natural cycles of nature.

It’s been only few weeks since the organic pasta line, supplied by GHIGI, was on sale and the market response is really very positive. In the Conad’s 3,000 sales outlets, “Verso Natura Bio” pasta line (Conad brand), is filling the customers’ shopping carts. A success that confirms the high quality of GHIGI production, the historic pasta factory in San Clemente (Rimini), which is the only Italian industrial pasta company led by farmers. The collaboration with the company Conad is recent and dates back to last year, when the two companies signed an agreement for the pasta production under the Conad brand, the traditional one with the red logo. The agreement provided for the supply of 43 different types of durum wheat pasta in packs of 500 grams and 1 kg, including spaghettini, vermicelli, linguine, gnocchi, butterflies, storms, etc. The production of the traditional line started in March 2017 and, after only two months, GHIGI had already supplied about 17 million 500g packs. The satisfaction with the results obtained led Conad to sign a second agreement, entrusting GHIGI also the production of organic pasta under the “Verso Natura Bio” brand. This line, dedicated to an ever-increasing number of customers attentive to their well-being, is particularly important for Conad; it is the result of a philosophy increasingly sensitive to a healthy and genuine diet and requires a lot of rigor in the choice of partners who must guarantee production processes in full respect of the correct nature and biodiversity cycles. A serious and reliable partner like the GHIGI pasta factory.

GHIGI: An Organic Vocation

There are five organic pasta formats that GHIGI supplies to Conad: spaghetti, fusilli, penne rigate, rigatoni and ditalini. All of these types are bronze wire drawn, a processing characteristic that gives the pasta that typical roughness character, particularly suitable for retaining sauces and seasonings. This is a process that lengthens production times but, on the other hand, guarantees the preservation of both organoleptic and nutritional properties of wheat. Characteristics further enhanced by the choice of the GHIGI pasta factory to oversee the entire supply chain, from the seed to the finished product, to cultivate and work only 100% Italian wheat and by the adoption of organic production protocols that uses natural resources responsibly. They are the best conditions to constantly offer an excellent product both for quality and health, aspects that, since 2010 have allowed the relaunch of the pasta factory in a difficult sector such as wheat, both soft and hard. Under the concept of the supply chain, Pasta Ghigi has lined up a series of projects, including collaborations with S.I.S. (Società Italiana Sementi) and Pasta Zara and the construction of its own mill with a capacity of 60T/24H, to be installed in an existing building, in collaboration with the partners PAGLIERANI-OCRIM.