The respect for environment is an essential part of a company’s social responsibility. From the Italian Made supply chain to photovoltaic system, OCRIM’s strategies and investments include eco-sustainable choices and a long-term energy plan based on renewable energy.

A Lighter Environmental Footprint

The company philosophy is the result of different choices that reflect the character and values of the women and men who work there. These are choices that do not concern only the production, organizational and commercial processes, but also express the environmental awareness, as an expression of a precise social responsibility in making the activities carried out in respect of environment. The organization and total control of the 100% Italian Made supply chain has been the first step in this direction that sees all the partners united in sharing an important value such as sustainability. Through the largest Italian agri-food reality, precise choices have been made about this matter, adopting, for example, cultivation techniques and production of raw materials in full compliance with the natural cycles of the seasons and the regeneration times of the land, without ever subject them to intensive exploitation. Now, continuing the transition process towards an increasingly sustainable economy and an eco-friendly company, OCRIM is facing the second step concerning the energy plan. OCRIM is one of the large companies that have invested a part of their investments in clean energy and the alternative energy. The adopted program, started recently with the installation of photovoltaic panels at the Via Riglio site (Canal Port area), will also cover new industrial buildings under construction. At the site located in Canal Port area, in fact, there is already a 150 KW photovoltaic system with a requirement of 350 KW/h and it is expected, in a short term, the installation of other panels on the recent building for a total of 60 KW. Analyzing data collected between January and December 2017, it emerges that with a 17% of the energy produced by photovoltaic, the CO2 saved is equal to 81.185 kg. An encouraging result that, over time, is destined to increase and become increasingly significant. The energy plan represents an important and shared investment for the company that transcends the purely economic objectives linked to productivity, because the contribution to the protection of the environment requires a commitment and awareness that cannot be renounced.