The works for the realization of the “organic supply chain” project go on. Girolomoni, the father of Italian organic farming, has chosen OCRIM technology to create a cutting-edge milling plant that will be directly connected to its pasta factory. With this project the cooperative based in the Marche region will be the only Italian reality specialized in organic pasta with full control of the entire supply chain. From seed to plate.

A Milling Plant To Complete The Supply Chain

Within the next year the OCRIM mill will be installed, tested and ready to start its activity. It is the missing link to complete the production chain of the historic Girolomoni Agricultural Cooperative of Isola del Piano (Italy), which will now be able to control every process: from the cultivation of the raw material to the harvest, from the cleaning and milling phases to production of pasta, guaranteeing an excellent and safe final product. A very short supply chain that could almost be defined as “zero meter” because all the activities take place within a very short range. “The desire to have a mill has always been one of the dreams of my father Gino,” – states the President Giovanni Girolomoni –  “but until a few years ago we could not achieve it because we lacked the numbers to ensure its efficiency. Now we are ready for the great step up”. This is a 100 T/24h mill for the grinding of organic durum wheat, which will allow to fully exploit the wheat of the 200-member farmers. “It is twice the current needs, but we want to invest in the future. – continues Giovanni Girolomoni – We are also planning to install a new line for the processing of short pasta, which will lead us to double the current production. Furthermore, the storage capacity of raw materials will be expanded”. The mill plant, that will be located near the pasta factory, will be fully automated and equipped with the cutting-edge technology manufactured and implemented by OCRIM in recent years. It will also be equipped with the systems for air purification and environmental air treatment, which allows for a controlled and balanced atmosphere, facilitating and simplifying the organic durum wheat and spelt grinding process. All these features are essential to produce products with a high quality as that of the Girolomoni, recognized by the world market as the most important Italian organic agricultural company.

OCRIM And Girolomoni: Same Values, Same Passion For Italian Made

The signing of the contract, which took place last March at the OCRIM headquarters, goes far beyond the milling plant project. It establishes a link between two companies that share the same entrepreneurial vision, the same modus operandi and the same passion for work, people and the local area. Both companies, OCRIM and Girolomoni, carry out all their production and logistic processes in Italy, at their own facilities, with their founding values. A strong tradition that, for both companies, is the true ambassador of the past composed by intuitions, self-will and skill; technological innovation, demonstrated by the futuristic approach of the biologists, technicians and engineers whose aim is to offer a final product made “as in the past”; honesty, understood as consistency and intellectual honesty addressed to customers/consumers, guaranteeing always the quality agreed. Thanks also to OCRIM’s experience, Girolomoni can claim to be the only one in Italy to have realized this type of project, that derive from the dream of the company’s founder, brought forward and concretized by his sons Giovanni Battista and Samuele, and by all the people who work with passion in the cooperative.