The contemporary art gallery AUGEO ART SPACE starts the 2018-2019 season with the solo exhibition of Leonardo Blanco, inaugurated last Saturday, September 29. “Vasi comunicanti” is the title of the exhibition that the artist offers in an original combination of creative inspiration and the same morphology of the Augeo spaces. The works will be exhibited until 10 November.

Paintings That Become Geographical Maps Of The Soul

The new season of Augeo Art Space is announced with a billboard full of exhibitions and cultural events of great depth. The debut is entrusted to “Vasi Comunicanti”, a singular and engaging solo exhibition of Leonardo Blanco, sponsored by the Municipality of Rimini, which overwhelmingly captures the visitor’s attention with an explosion of colors, accompanying him along a journey between the real and the oneiric. The artist, illustrating his works, states: “The exhibition speaks of relationships, time, space and expectations. The title of the solo show is inspired by the creative processes that guide my work, but also by the morphology itself of the magnificent spaces of Augeo and alludes to that dense macramè of links (visible and invisible) that characterize the nature of things. ” The originality of this exhibition is to be grasped, as well as in the individual works, also in the dialogue that they intertwine with the structure that houses them: the noble spaces of Palazzo Spina. “Vasi Comunicanti” is no longer just the title of this exhibition and the sense that Leonardo Blanco assigns to his works defining them as “geographic maps of the soul”, but also the languages that express the different superimposed materials in a creative stratification and it is, in particular, the subtle game that he managed to create in the gallery’s spatiality. Everything communicates with everything.

Leonardo Blanco

The artist was born in Santarcangelo di Romagna on May 16, 1968. A designer of great and recognized talent, he decided to explore new horizons and to try his hand at abstraction, exploring the emotional condition of contemporary man. Painter and sculptor, the artist confronts with technical experimentation through the language of different materials such as paper, aluminium and wood. Since the early nineties he has held several solo exhibitions in San Marino city, Italy and Belgium, and participated in group exhibitions in London, Los Angeles, Istanbul, United Arab Emirates, Beijing (2nd Art Biennale, 2005), and Venice (in 2009, the 53rd International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, and in 2007; Open10 – International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations). He won numerous awards and competitions. His works are kept in public and private collections, some of which are on permanent exhibit in the Republic of San Marino and abroad.