“The company development is not limited to expand into markets, but is extended to research, occupational safety and everything that will be practicable to preserve our planet. With this spirit, in common with my brother Alberto, my nephews Annalisa and Andrea , and my children Luca and Matteo, I welcome the invitation to hold the role of President to face with seriousness and passion the new OCRIM aims. It’s the same spirit of our father, Primo, who wrote a farewell message that we want to share with all of you” .                  Sergio Antolini


I started in 1960 when my father-in-law, Fernando Paglierani, asked me to assist him in running the company that he founded in 1926. I have been managing Paglierani for 58 years, first with Mr. Fernando and then with my sons Alberto and Sergio. In 2007 I dedicated myself to OCRIM company. In my path I have analyzed the daily life of the company, what happens in the offices, in the production departments, implementing the virtues and fighting the vices. Every time, even in the most difficult situations, I tried to find a positive note, a goal to go to. I have never attacked or mocked anyone. I have always tried to understand the reasons for human behavior, convinced that when we know ourselves, we can change or improve. I have a wonderful memory, in particular of our collaborators and customers who, together with us, have made our company so important.

Goodbye, with warm regards. Primo Antolini