“Augeo reads Pinocchio”, the first act of the “Viaggio Primo” cultural event, ended yesterday. The project, conceived by Sergio Antolini for humanitarian purposes, is inspired by the values and teachings received from his father, Primo Antolini. From 5th to 13th January, at the Augeo Art Space, contemporary art, music, cinema and dance interpreted the life metaphor through Pinocchio’s journey in the puppet-to-man metamorphosis.

The Life Journey In Three Acts

Three literary genres: fairy tale, epic and science fiction. All of these, united by the theme of journey, act as a common theme to the “Viaggio Primo” project, conceived, written and produced by Sergio Antolini in loving memory of his father Primo Antolini. The artistic interpretation of three works, “Pinocchio”, “Odyssey” and “Capitan Nemo”, leads along a path of awareness through the metamorphosis of the famous puppet, the adventure in the unknown mythological Ulysses, the imagination and the genius of the character of Julius Verne. It’s the journey of life, in three acts. Each work offers the inspiration for a cultural event that is told in the multiple expressive aspects of contemporary art, cinema, music and dance. All events, sponsored by the Municipality of Rimini, are hosted in the AUGEO ART SPACE gallery.

Once Upon A Time…

The fairy tales always begin with “Once upon a time …” but rereading them when we grow up, we realize that their message is more current than ever. Even more so if the fairy tale in question is that of “The Adventures of Pinocchio”, the puppet who takes the insidious path to reach the consciousness of himself and become a man. It is no coincidence that it was chosen by Sergio Antolini to interpret the first act of the “Viaggio Primo” project. On January 5th the organizing staff and the council member Mattia Morolli inaugurated the cultural event with the exhibit of the Tuscan artist Federico Santini, curated by professor Marco Baldassari. It’s an exhibit with seven works on wooden easels, metal, glass and canvas supports, a sculpture and a metropolitan crèche. The artistic contribution of the young artist Lorenzo Duranti with his whales made with “the gifts of the sea” is quite different and particularly creative. There were also twenty-five drawings made by the second-graders of the “M. Zoebeli” elementary school of Santa Giustina (Rimini). The box set containing lithographs of Santini’s works and a book illustrated by children (handwritten by Concetta Ferrario and on texts by Sergio Antolini) was appreciated by the audience. The day of the Epiphany was dedicated to the showing of “Pinocchio” film at the Fulgor Cinema and in the Walt Disney version; on 7th January, instead, at the AUGEO ART SPACE 50 children of the “M. Zoebeli” elementary school had fun completing a work by Federico Santini, led by the artist. Finally, on January 13th, at the AUGEO ART SPACE, the orchestra of the “Gan Eden” cultural association, directed by the master Karsten Braghittoni, will perform in a concert choreographed by Claudio Gasparotto and with the participation of the “Movimento Centrale Danza & Teatro”. The next act, scheduled for April, is dedicated to the Odyssey, while in the fall it will be the turn of the great adventure with “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas”.


A House For Children In Nairobi

The proceeds of the entire “Viaggio Primo” project are intended for the construction of a family home of the Pope John XXIII Community Association in Nairobi, a house that wants to become a nerve center for the integration and growth of street children. Today, THE HOUSE OF SIMONE welcomes twenty-two children and young people from the suburbs of Nairobi and grants them food, education and health support. It also supports other twenty students enrolled in secondary schools and professional courses through the payment of tuition fees and teaching materials. The house, built entirely of wood, no longer has the necessary requirements to ensure the safety of those who live there, so it’s necessary to build a new one in a short time, so that it becomes a safe haven and can give a hope of the future for too many children forced to live among the pitfalls of the road.