The new website, completely renovated in design and structure, has been designed to make communication more effective and immediate, facilitating navigation in a particularly rich and articulated context. The agri-food supply chain, of which Ocrim is an integral part, acts as a common thread between the various activities, services and the variety of products offered.

Always attentive to design and communication, we thought it was time to renew our image online. We are therefore pleased to announce the debut of our new website, in the Italian and English versions, characterized by renewed graphics and a fresh and streamlined layout. This is a complete restyling that also involves the structure, the reorganization of the basic contents and the insertion of new sections. The goal of the new site, accessible from PCs, Tablets and Smartphones, is to offer an immediate overview of the profile and the new approach of our company. In fact, thanks to the recent significant evolution, which led Ocrim to identify concretely with the reality of the food supply chain, the homepage presents the world of the “Italian Agri-food Chain Choice” of which Ocrim is a part. Through this new “communication platform”, we want to offer a better user experience to our visitors, simple but engaging. All the information is just a click away. The new website is designed to be one page, entirely viewed by scrolling; it’s also simpler and more linear thanks to the essentiality of the menu, known as “hamburger button”. The menu hosts all the sections of the site which in turn constitute macro areas: company, agri-food supply chain, products, immersive reality, customer service, school, museum and homeOcrim. In the “more information” section, you can find the current year exhibitions and congresses, our events, our streaming channel, magazines’ articles about us, our news, our blog and all company videos. In addition to the site, the online presence of Ocrim is reinforced through social media such as our blog and LinkedIn, two important channels that we have created to foster dialogue in a more direct and smart way. Through these channels, we share what’s going on behind the scenes of our products, events, fairs, and all the news about the “Italian Agri-food Chain Choice”., happy surfing!