The alluvial nature of the lands, where “Le Stagioni d’Italia” rice is grown, offers the product unique nutritional and quality characteristics. Bonifiche Ferraresi produces and transforms the product in the estate of Jolanda di Savoia (Ferrara – Italy). From March, two new varieties of rice will be available, Baldo and Volano PGI.

The Rice That Is Grown In The Po Delta

Po Delta is a unique Italian territory, one of the most productive and rich in biodiversity. It’s here, where water and earth alternate in an evocative landscape, that the rice of “Le Stagioni d’Italia”, produced by Bonifiche Ferraresi, is grown. The company’s agronomists analyse the land and assign to each one the most suitable variety of rice for its chemical-physical conditions. With a skilful mix of traditional and innovative agricultural techniques, seeding is then carried out, with precision machines that measure quantities and distribution. Every single phase of the cultivation is carefully controlled to intervene only when the plant really needs it, dosing the nutritional and safeguard inputs as necessary. In this way, a high-quality raw material is obtained with quality and nutritive properties, in line with the strict requirements of the specification of the Consortium for the Protection of Po Delta Rice PGI. The production cycle, from seeding to packaging, take place in the estate of Jolanda di Savoia (Ferrara – Italy). It’s a unique zero km supply chain in Italy: certified, guaranteed and able of expressing its highest value in the PGI varieties. It’s also in full respect of the environment. The production choices of Bonifiche Ferraresi are always made in the name of maximum sustainability: in addition to saving resources such as water, fertilizers and treatments, the waste from rice processing is used for waste-to-energy and energy production.

A Rich and Complete Variety

Not even a year has passed since the launch of the “Le Stagioni d’Italia” brand (May 2018), which the range of products has been enriched with new varieties. The rice selection satisfies the consumer’s taste, who is attentive to the origin of the product and to environmental sustainability. “Le Stagioni d’Italia” brand offers eight rice varieties divided into three lines: the Classic line, with Carnaroli, Arborio, Baldo and Vialone Nano varieties; the Wellness line, with a mix of rice- spelt and barley cereals and a whole-grain variety; the PGI line, Carnaroli PGI, Arborio PGI and, from March 2019, Volano PGI and Baldo PGI. On the packaging there are four logos that certify the high-quality: the logo of the Consortium for the Protection of Po Delta Rice PGI, Filiera Italiana logo, LAIQ (Legambiente for an Italian Quality Agriculture) logo and, finally, the FDAI logo (Signed by the Italian Farmers) which attests the product origin and the supply chain.