The return of the TV advertising campaign signed “Le Stagioni d’Italia”. Through the spectacular aerial shots of Jolanda di Savoia (Ferrara, Italy) and Cortona (Arezzo, Italy) estates, the brand returns on air to present the striped penne, produced with Senatore Cappelli wheat. A Unique specialty that the great Italian agriculture has been able to create and preserve.


The journey of “Le Stagioni d’Italia” products starts from these magnificent fields of wheat, corn, rice, legumes and aromatic plants of the four estates of Bonifiche Ferraresi. A strong agri-food chain with a long tradition characterizes by a century and a half of history behind it and the ability to combine the memory of the past with the science of the future, to always get high-end products with the taste of Italian excellence. Everything happens in the right place, at the right time, thanks to the precision agriculture that allows to combine quality and maximum yield in full respect of the seasons and nutritional values that only a land cultivated with wisdom can give. A sustainable system able to protect the environment avoiding unnecessary waste of precious resources.

30’’ And 7’’ Of “Le stagioni d’Italia” Spot

The “Le Stagioni d’Italia” spot, aired from 17 to 31 March 2019 on the main television stations, is a true tribute to the union between ancient rural wisdom and agriculture 4.0. The aerial shots show immense expanses of green and yellow areas, chiselled by the hand of man and furrowed by machinery of the latest generation. These are striking and evocative images of an agricultural world of ancient flavour, but more than ever contemporary and governed by expert and loving farmers. The TV commercials, shot in Bonifiche Ferraresi estates, end with the patterns of the fields that are transposed on the product pack and with the voice-over that ends with the payoff <<the great Italian agriculture>>. Innovative agriculture, protection of the territory and environmental resources. These are the fundamental aspects on which communication is based and which differentiate the “Le Stagioni d’Italia” from any other food brand. In addition to the 30” version, there is also a short spot of 7” (, enough to transfer the sense of the main pluses of the “Le Stagioni d’Italia” brand. The return of its TV advertising campaign, six months after the first airing, is dedicated to the striped penne made with the Senatore Cappelli wheat, an ancient Italian durum wheat. The spot also wants to highlight what has been done during the past year: a range of products that has expanded and will continue to grow, as well as investments in precision agriculture.
And, starting from March 18th, the company blog will be online in Italian language, on the  website, to offer consumers first-hand news on five lines of publishing: sustainability, ancient wheat Senatore Cappelli, events and communication, recipes and products.