The President of the Italian Republic has appointed Marco Galli and Fabio Vuoto as “Maestri del Lavoro” (Masters of Labour). Ocrim is proud for the high honour given to two of its most valuable employees. The “Star of Merit of Labour” was conferred during the official ceremony that took place on May 1st, Workers’ Day or Labour Day, in the Auditorium of the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan.

A Prestigious And Deserved Recognition

The local daily newspaper, didn’t exaggerate, calling them “The pillars of Ocrim”. Marco Galli and Fabio Vuoto, in over thirty years of activity (respectively since 1983 and since 1985), have grown with the company and their technical and professional contribution has been decisive for the international development of Ocrim. They travel continuously all over the world to carry out inspections, assist customers and study the best design solutions, always different from case to case. The wives have already resigned themselves to seeing them little, but their work in the field is as precious as it’s indispensable. A work that last May 1st was publicly awarded at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan, during a solemn ceremony. Fabio and Marco have been named “Maestri del Lavoro” (Masters of Labour) and, trying to hide the emotion, have received from the hands of the Milan Prefect the “Star of Merit of Labour”, a prestigious award given by the Italian Republic to the most deserving workers.

Fabio Vuoto is the Manager of Technical & Tendering Department, two strategic roles that, thanks to his engineering insights, guarantee to the market the best technical-commercial offer for the construction of the plants. He has contributed to the plant development of the largest milling plant in the world, with a capacity of 12,000 tons of ground wheat a day as well as one of the largest feed mills with a capacity of 30 tons/hour. Fabio is the leading expert in Ocrim as regards the application of regulations, a competence that often sees him as a speaker at some industry conferences.

Marco Galli is the Head of Technological Department and the Headmaster of Ocrim Milling Technology School, to which he also makes a substantial contribution as a teacher and author of educational texts. During his career, he distinguished himself for the continuous search for new applications in the milling sector, so much so that he had two patents registered in his name. The crown jewel of his curriculum is certainly the participation in the various phases of the retrofit (in the early 90s) of the largest milling plant in the world, composed of 15 mills for a total grinding capacity of 12,000 tons per day wheat. Together, Galli and Vuoto are following the technological and plant design of the new center of excellence for grain grinding that will be built in Cremona, in the Porto Canale area, which aims to strengthen the Italian agri-food supply chain.

These few lines certainly cannot sum up years of passion, dedication, intellect and hard work that have always characterized their work. So far, the appreciation for their professionalism and esteem for their moral stature have remained limited to the Ocrim world; the designation as “Master of Labour” and the awarding of the prestigious “Star of Merit for Labour” award give a wider and more public dimension to their careers. An award that fully interprets the thoughts of all the colleagues and the Antolini’s family. Congratulations to Marco and Fabio! Thank you for your long and constant commitment to Ocrim.