The first milling plant built by Ocrim for Makprom dates back to 2010. Today the Russian top player tasks again Ocrim to build its durum wheat semolina milling plant, with a capacity of 400 T/24h. Same technical features to guarantee the same level of excellence.

Russians have always known pasta. In fact, in the 19th century, they were the only quality durum wheat supplier in Italy. In Russia, the per capita consumption of pasta kg/year amounts to 7.8 kg (dry pasta 6 kg) and the production is about one million tons of pasta (dry pasta 860) per year (the fifth world producer country), with about 150 pasta factories. All the leading Russian pasta factories use western machinery, mainly Italian. Ocrim, in Russia, has been present for several years. It has once again been tasked to build a new durum wheat semolina milling plant, with a capacity of 400 T/24h, in the city of Balashov (Saratov region).

This is a replica of the existing milling plant that has been assigned to Ocrim in 2010. The technical characteristics are the same inasmuch the customer has requested to respect the same level of excellence that their product guarantees today. In fact, all the machines of the new plant are designed and set up exactly like those in the existing milling plant, precisely to produce very high-quality semolina. The customer in question is the company OOO Makprom, born from the joint venture between Colussi Group – a well-known Italian food group – and Infolink Group, a Russian company. The latter is one of the top players in the sale of pasta in the Russian Federation.

This project further consolidates the relationship established, confirming Ocrim commitment to customer loyalty initiatives. Ocrim is proud to have been chosen again by a customer who is considered one of the best pasta producers in the Russian market.