The website  created by Ocrim and Paglierani is now online. A content-rich website dedicated to Biostonemill, the stone mill that enhances the quality of ancient grains, organic grain and special cereal crops.

The Values Of The Past Are Recovered Into The Future

The stone milling of cereals has a millenarian history. It’s the oldest and still unsurpassed method for the production of wholemeal and other brown flours of superior nutritional quality. The forgotten flours, those of the past, today can be produced with the same high nutritional values thanks to the use of the stone mill “BioStoneMill”. Born from the combined know-how and culture of Ocrim and Paglierani, it can also be integrated into different production lines and linked to specific bagging lines. BioStoneMill is the Italian answer to the growing demand of the world market of genuine flours that respect the natural properties of wheat and cereals, the perfect solution to complete the value of zero kilometres production. An ideal mill for small processing of common wheat, durum wheat, rye, spelt, corn, barley, rice, oats, Khorasan wheat, buckwheat, gluten free, but also legumes (such as broad beans, lentils and chickpeas) and spices. It offers an extraordinary versatility of use: it can become an integral part of an industrial milling plant where, by dividing the input cereal into B1 and BioStoneMill, it is possible to decide whether to have whole-grain flour or not (the unused part of the grain will continue to the industrial mill); or you can use BioStoneMill as an stand-alone plant deciding for a dedicated cleaning system or using the industrial plant one. The benefits are as numerous as they are important: it is simple to install and to adjust, easy to put into production, to clean, to maintain; it offers maximum yield with total respect for nature. It allows you to work in a contest of maximum hygiene, devoid of any contamination and is made by those who have realized, with their profound knowledge of the technological process, a worldwide success  (in the picture: the BioStoneMill recently installed at our customer in Russia).


A Content-rich Website

Under the slogan “Rediscover the genuine taste and nutritional value of forgotten flours”, Paglierani and Ocrim have launched the website dedicated exclusively to BioStonemill to illustrate the advantages and characteristics of the stone mill. Each section is composed of clear and easy to use elements, allowing a simple and intuitive web surfing. Explore website and get in touch through the specific form!