A record turnout characterized this edition of “Wheat, flour, and …”, held last weekend at the Ocrim headquarters.  The ninth edition of the Open day Ocrim has dealt with very topical issues through the contributions of expert researchers and managers from the milling world, moderated by the former professor at “White Art Institute” of Turin. The highlights of the event will be available in the upcoming days on the Multimedia page of our website.

The Ocrim Open Day Has Successfully Ended

There is always a lot of anticipation around the international meeting “Wheat, flour, and …”, now in its ninth edition; an event to which Ocrim has always paid attention and dedicated great dedication. Also, this year the guests experienced two days of customer experience full of innovative stimuli and insights on the main cutting-edge themes, processes, treatments and products of the milling world.  Information, data, market and new consumption trends on which to reflect when returning home. The event began Saturday morning with the emotional welcome speech of Ocrim President, Sergio Antolini, who has paid tribute to the industriousness and ingenuity of the Ocrim men: “Here, a place where technology is created, where tradition is lived, where the influence of man, of his hands is noticed and breathed. This wonderful place, where the efficient cause is the push and the final one is the attraction. A corner of the Bel Paese (Italy) and where engineering, enterprising, art and design are the pinnacles”.

Following there were speeches of Gianluca Lelli (Chief of Staff Economic Area at the Coldiretti National Headquarters), Federico Vecchioni (CEO of Bonifiche Ferraresi), and the mayor of Cremona, Gianluca Galimberti, bringing respectively testimonies of the main national industry association, of the Italy’s largest farm and the testimony of local institution. The conference continued with interventions by experts, researchers and managers from the milling sector, moderated by the former professor of the “White Art Institute” of Turin, Marino Scarlino. There has been talk and debate on the cultivation, properties and use of corn, analysing the characteristics of the food supply chain in terms of innovation, changes that have occurred over the last 20 years and the recent uses of nixtamalized flour. Ample space has been dedicated to a highly topical issues like cereals and leguminous, illustrating the genetic aspect, the varieties, the world production of ancient grains and the types of flour, from the trends of the world market to their nutritional properties.

There were pleasant convivial moments. In fact, inside the historic assembly department, a single 66-meter table was set up for the gala dinner, where guests were able to taste a menu characterized by the products which have been protagonists of the technical days. Entertainment hasn’t been lacking either. The tribute to Italianity with the Italian national anthem, the showing of the backstage of the corporate video 2019 and the Skype video call with Ocrim technicians who, in these days, are in the USA for the testing of the last line of three with a capacity of 600 tons per day at ADM Mendota (Illinois), aroused emotions among the diners.

The event resumed on Sunday morning with the conference “Around Ocrim’s world”: 90 minutes of direct experiences told by customers and employees. From the  experiences of Girolomoni Cooperativa Agricola and Molinos de Costa Rica, continuing with the interventions related to Milling Hub – the grinding hub of the agri-food supply chain under construction in Cremona -, to the Milling Technology School and to the historical excursus and future vision of Ocrim. “The goal is to produce ever higher performances to be transmitted to the world. There is so much fear. The team that supports me has always ensured that my fear fades and for this I have to thank all the Ocrim staff. Without the past/background/history there would be no innovation. We have in mind the path to take and we are working for the future. Everything you’ve seen is tailor made: thought, designed and built internally. We also got ourselves a challenge by communicating a message, a very specific message with the purpose of leaving an unforgettable mark of all that we have been up to today and of everything to what most represents the past”, stated the CEO Ocrim, Alberto Antolini, by closing the conference. Thanking the participants and giving the appointment to the next edition of” Wheat, flour and … “, he finally presented the recent corporate video (https://vimeopro.com/ocrim/tv). The Open Day ended at the Porto Canale site, the other Ocrim headquarters, where guests were able to visit facilities.