“Le Stagioni d’Italia” returns to Rai 1, the premier channel of Italian national television. It will be the protagonist of the new format “Storie in bicicletta” (English: Stories in bicycle) of Linea Verde, a historic Italian broadcast dedicated to the Italian agriculture and its excellence. For 10 weeks – from 15 September to 17 November – five-minute mini episodes will tell the story of the Great Italian Agriculture and its products, known and appreciated by consumers with the “Le Stagioni d´Italia” brand.

“Storie In Bicicletta”: A Bicycle Trip Through The Bonifiche Ferraresi Estates

In the ten mini episodes dedicated to the “Le Stagioni d’Italia” products, Beppe Convertini – the presenter of Linea Verde program – will cycle the three Bonifiche Ferraresi estates: Jolanda di Savoia (Ferrara), Cortona (Arezzo) ed Arborea (Oristano). He will tell of the Great Italian Agriculture and its production supply chains, through curiosities, anecdotes and nutritional characteristics of the main products of the single episodes. The first episode was already aired on Sunday 15 September. Beppe Convertini, flanked by Bonifiche Ferraresi experts, told about the origin and history of the legendary ancient grain Senatore Cappelli, the father of all the Italian durum wheat, the one that revolutionized cereal growing in Italy. The next two episodes will be dedicated to the leguminous and rice supply chains, with a suggestive view of rice fields and the beauty of the Po Delta. In October he will talk about officinal herbs and their transformation into herbal teas, the varied world of durum wheat, bees and honey, to conclude with an in-depth study of the rice supply chain. The protagonists of the November episodes will be cereals, olives and the production of the well-known Tuscan oil, to conclude with soft wheats and flour. Ten shorts but significant “Storie in bicicletta” (English: Stories in bicycle) to understand the essence of an inimitable Italian peasant tradition, the story of a passion that makes “Le Stagioni d’Italia” products so special. In each episode will be the chefs Silvia Cappellazzo (itinerant teacher of natural cuisine) and Massimo Pagano (professor of the Vergani Institute of Navarra, Ferrara) to value the quality of these 100% Italian raw materials, offering tasty recipes from the individual territories.

A Quality To Be Proud Of

What is behind the “Le Stagioni d’Italia” brand products? A lot of work and a lot of passion to ensure, consistently, the best possible quality, from the genome to the shelf, with full respect for the consumer. There is much to be said about the choices of Bonifiche Ferraresi which from 1871 to the present it has never failed in those values that have transformed a small peasant business into the largest Italian farm: tradition, research, innovation, sustainability, protection of natural resources. A process of improvement and continuous development, to be proud of, to share, to explain and to show to consumers. The “Storie in bicicletta” (English: Stories in bicycle) have this goal, to let people know how much work, how much passion and experience there are behind a “simple” pasta package. And when the experts of Bonifiche Ferraresi tell the stories of the “Le Stagioni d’Italia” products their pride is perceived; it’s in their words, in their gestures, in the way they touch the earth and its fruits.