Our dear former President, Primo Antolini, knew how to talk to children and, thanks to his experience as an elementary teacher, he believed in the power of teaching. This is a value that is part of the soul of Ocrim and yesterday, getting the chance to the forthcoming Christmas, the company offered the showing of a movie to children of the 3rd grade of elementary schools in Cremona. Because cinema is education too. 

Children Are The Light of Future

It’s 10 in the morning and, at the Cinema Theatre Filo (Cremona), children have taken their seats. After the greetings of Mrs. Maura Ruggeri (Council member for Education and Human Resources of the Cremona Municipality) and Mr. Alberto Antolini (Ocrim CEO), the lights are dimmed, and a well-known music starts, the Italian national anthem, which children begin to whisper and softly and quietly sing, followed by the images taken during the last corporate event. Then the images of the film “Mia and the white lion” begin to flow on the screen. The engaging story of an unusual and profound friendship between a little girl and a white lion’s cub begins. The movie showing is a Christmas gift that yesterday Ocrim made to the third-graders of the Cremona elementary schools who joined the initiative. An opportunity to wish them happy Christmas and new year, but also to consolidate the moral heritage of the dear former President who, thanks to his experience as an elementary teacher, had a special relationship with children and always believed in the new generations’ potential, because children are the light of the future. During an event held in 2015 at the Ponchielli theatre in Cremona, Primo Antolini, via Skype, greeted children with a paternal message of encouragement: “continue to dream and learn, so you will be free and build a better future”. And what is the better way to feed their dreams than a movie? In the fable of “Mia and the white lion” breath-taking views and the relationship of man with animals bring a message linked to respect and the preservation of nature that even the youngest can grasp. Following this tradition, Ocrim continues to address great attention to the younger generations because, as Alberto Antolini said during his welcome speech to the 100 children who have joined: “you are the protagonists of our future”.